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Salary in hotel management: this is how much hotel managers & Co. earn

Of course, you often don't hear anything good about working hours in the hotel industry: shift work, work on weekends and holidays, strenuous guests - but what about the salary? Is that that bad too? You will find the answer here, because we will give you all the information you need about hotel management salaries!

The salary shouldn't really be the decisive reason for your choice of career, but let's be honest: Of course, this aspect plays a role for (almost) everyone when they think about the direction in which they are going to do an apprenticeship or study after school. There are of course big differences within the various industries and positions.

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Hotel management salary

Starting salaries in hotel management

It is well known that salaries in the hotel industry are not particularly high - the entry-level salaries in particular are a little worse in comparison to commercial professions. This means that nobody works in the hotel because of the good pay, but actually often out of love for the job. General salary statements are very difficult to make in any industry, too many factors play a role in relation to individual salaries.

Especially in the area of ​​hotel management and the hotel industry, there are many different areas that are often paid differently. And with a degree, you usually have better chances of getting a higher salary. Nevertheless, after your studies you will not directly in management end up, but will first go further down in the hierarchy, e.g. B. in an assistant position. In principle, however, you can start your studies with a starting salary of approx. 25,000-30,000 euros / gross per year calculate.

The good news: In the hotel industry in particular, you can quickly work your way up the career ladder through hard work, discipline and good work, and earn more as a result. Targeted further training will also help you advance in your career.

You can find information on further training in hotel management in our training database!

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As already mentioned, you can rarely generalize salary information - too many factors contribute to the amount. We would like to introduce you to some reasons why your salary can be different than z. B. that of your former classmate or a colleague.

  • Company size

    Is it a small family pension with a few rooms or are you applying to an international hotel chain that has several hundred branches? This aspect can make a huge difference to the question of salary, because the size differences naturally also have an impact on sales - both positive and negative. Because it doesn't mean that you always get a luxury salary in luxury hotels. And in smaller companies, you can often climb the corporate ladder even faster.

  • position

    The position has the greatest impact on your salary: Are you applying for a position with managerial or personnel responsibility? Do you want to move into upper or middle management? Administration or front office? Service staff or department head? The better / higher the position, the better the salary.

  • Location

    In the hotel industry, you have to consider two things when it comes to location: If you are applying in Germany, the question is, where in Germany: is the hotel in the east or in the south? Because even in Germany you are not paid the same salary in every region. Sometimes it makes a difference whether the hotel is in the countryside or in a big city. Or maybe you are even applying abroad? Abroad, jobs in the hotel industry are often better paid, but there, of course, there are also differences with regard to the various countries.

  • work experience

    Another obvious point in salary negotiations is professional experience: Of course, as a young professional, you earn significantly less than a hotel manager who has 20 years of professional experience. It also depends on whether you have specifically worked towards a position or whether you have worked in housekeeping and are now applying for a position in the food & beverage sector - in the latter case you will probably earn less than an applicant, who may have worked in the restaurant area before.

  • foreign countries

    In the hotel industry, foreign countries play a role for various salary points:

    • Are you applying to a hotel abroad? This plays a major role in terms of salary, because salaries in this area are often higher abroad.
    • Have you already gained (a lot) of professional experience abroad? This can also have a positive effect on your salary.
    • Have you possibly even completed your apprenticeship / studies abroad? This can also be an advantage for your application and your salary negotiation.
  • graduation

    Did you do a classic apprenticeship or have you completed a bachelor's degree? Completed a dual course of study? Or attended a special training course? All of these can affect your salary. And usually, with a bachelor's degree, you often move into a higher salary bracket.

  • Bonus payment / tip

    The bonus payments are mainly valid for positions in management, but there you can receive additional remuneration by achieving the agreed goals, which will have a positive effect on your pay slip.
    And tips are not to be despised either, because you can earn another nice sum in direct contact with guests. However, the tip is often a reason why the salary is lower.

  • personal qualities

    Also not to be underestimated: your personal sales talent! How well can you bring out your strengths and your experience in the job interview or salary negotiation and use them as an argument for payment? This aspect can also add a plus on the pay slip.

Concrete examples of salary information

You finally want to know what you can earn as a hotel manager or in a similar area? No problem, we have researched the well-known salary portals for you and list some exemplary information here. But remember: This information is only intended as a guide for your own negotiation, because as we have explained to you above, many factors play a role in your final salary.

positionBranchAge & GenderSalary (gross)
Banquet managementHotel and restaurants25, female1,742 euros
Banquet managementHotel and restaurants28, male2,962 euros
Banquet management / service managementHotel and restaurants24. male2,005 euros
Hotel managerHotel and restaurants35, male2,886 euros
Hotel managerTourism, leisure33, male6,684 euros
Hotel director / deputy hotel managerHotel and restaurants27, female2,538 euros
Hotel managerTourism, leisure37, male4,718 euros
Food and Beverage ManagerHotel and restaurants24, male2,636 euros
Food and Beverage ManagerHotel and restaurants29, female1,905 euros
Food and Beverage ManagerHotel and restaurants28, male2,387 euros
First assistant restaurant managerHotel and restaurants32, male2,395 euros
Restaurant managerHotel and restaurants36, male1,498 euros
Restaurant managementHotel and restaurants33, male2,864 euros
HousekeepingHotel and restaurants30, male2,674 euros
HousekeepingHotel and restaurants39, female1,760 euros
Reception / Front Office ManagerHotel and restaurants24, female3,224 euros
Front Office ManagerHotel and restaurants27, female1,784 euros
Reception / Front Office ManagerHotel and restaurants28, male2,069 euros


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