What is a decrease in crime rate

Drastic decline in crime in the Corona year

The restriction of public life to fight the coronavirus has increased crime in Mallorca and the neighboring islands in 2020 decrease by a good fifthto let. This emerges from a press release published on Tuesday (February 23) by the central government and the Spanish-wide crime statistics of the Interior Ministry in Madrid. According to this, 60,068 crimes were registered in the Balearic Islands last year. That is 22.6 percent less than in the same year 2019, when it was 77,662.

Much of the decline is likely to come from that strict lockdown in spring explain how criminals had to stay at home. However, the crime rate fell again between the third and fourth quarters of the year, when public life was at least partially reopened. This value fell in the Balearic Islands from 54.3 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants (July-September) to 51.3 (October-December).

Other things are also found in the crime statistics no evidence for the fear expressed variously that social crisis increases crime. A closer look at the figures for Mallorca shows that, for example, burglaries and thefts picked up again from the third quarter (July-September), but were slightly down again in the fourth quarter compared to the previous one.

The year-on-year decline in criminal offenses was particularly pronounced Ibizawhere the crime rate fell by 35.6 percent year-on-year (to 53.7 offenses per 1,000 population). This decline was less pronounced on Mallorca (14.3 percent to 52.8).

In a Spanish-wide comparison, only the African exclave Melilla (51.6) has an even higher crime rate than the Balearic Islands (51.3), which is far ahead of Madrid (46), Catalonia (45.3) and the Catalans (38.7) shunting. These Leading position In the case of criminal offenses, it is commonly explained that the crime rate is calculated on the basis of the registered residents and does not take into account the many vacationers and seasonal workers on Mallorca and the neighboring islands - an explanation that, of course, only partially draws in the Corona year.

Except for homicides - there were seven cases of murder and manslaughter in 2020 compared to six in 2019 - all criminal offenses are on the decline in the Balearic Islands. This is especially true for thefts (-53 percent), but also for robberies (-42 percent) and Break-ins (-28 percent). Sex crimes (-36 percent) and drug trafficking offenses (-25.3 percent) were also down on Mallorca and the neighboring islands.

Looking at cities and municipalities with over 30,000 inhabitants, the crime rate in Palma fell by 13.9 percent in the municipality Calvià by 47.3 percent, in Llucmajor by 19.6 percent. In Inca (+4.5) and Marratxí (+2.4), however, it rose slightly. / ck