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Bento and more

Surely you have yourselves after ours Travel reports asked: What do you guys have in Japan now? Bought? Here comes the answer! In addition to a lot of Japanese sweets, lucky charms, bento and bento accessories, we also have one Omiyage, so get a gift and a big surprise to me. See for yourself.

If you haven't read our travel reports, you can find them here: Part 1 Tokyo, Part 2 Tokyo, Part 3 Yokohama / Atami and Part 4 Kyoto.

Here you can see our souvenirs. Incidentally, the Omiyaki is the entire content of the cooler bag. I'll show you my additional gift on End of the post. It didn't fit in the photo.

Clockwise towards the center: the possibly the best Japanese rice, Sweets from the Ryokan Ohanabo, bath additive, Instant Amazake and Instant Green Tea Latte from the Muji, Adzuki beans, strawberry in chocolate + strawberry in Matcha chocolate and Caramel Corn with vanilla ice cream flavor. By the way, the caramel corn tasted really good. The strawberries, on the other hand, were only something for the eye. The dried strawberry didn't really convince.

The Bath additives are in the shape of bunnies and cherry blossoms. I mistakenly mistook her for higashi (Japanese: sweets made from sugar).

If you are in Germany to this Pocky variety get hold of it, treat yourself to it. They have a nice caramel aroma. In Japan they cost the equivalent of 1-2 euros. In Germany you probably have to pay 4 euros for it.

The decisive purchase criterion was that nice packaging The pralines didn't taste bad either. They were filled with some kind of fruit jelly. We recommend.

The ones covered in chocolate Macadamia nuts did not survive long either.

We also had a few Kit Kat, Milky Bonbons and Schoko Pockys varieties which I would probably like to introduce in a candy haul.

I love japanese stationery. Therefore I have in the Daiso (Japanese. A Euro Shop) found all sorts of beautiful origami paper, sticky notes and notepads. By the way, the quality of most of the products in Daiso is quite good.

I also collect Washi tapes, or also called masking tape. I also found this one in the Daiso.

The Tororo trailer I bought in Kyoto. By the way, there is an intrusive little bell in the totoro.

I have this one at the Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto Daruma followers Bought.

In Toyko we have this little one in Asakusa Owl pendant made of fabric found.

Without Bento box I couldn't come back from my vacation in Japan, could I? You can see the good piece at the bottom right. It's made of bamboo and comes with the matching one Chopstick box therefore.

The box is really beautifully made. We discovered them in Yokohama. Converted it cost about 60 euros. The rubber closure has a wooden detail that looks like a cut bamboo cane.

I am in love Hashioki. These are the little chopstick banks. They are available in many beautiful designs. I particularly like these made of ceramic. The blue and red hashioki represent Mt. Fuji. I like to use the gray plate for side dishes like gyoza or tamagoyaki.

The Sake mug we bought in Yokohama. We bought two matching tea mugs in the same design. The Coasters I bought it in a small shop in Kyoto. You put one Lotus root dar and I use them every day without lying!

These Food picks from the Akomeya in Tokyo I absolutely had to have it. You put one Bitter melon represent.

The cloth is a Furoshiki with Konpeito (Sugar stars) motif. I bought it like the owl in Asakusa. The rod are very narrow towards the front and from the Akomeya in Tokyo.

They have this beautiful one for my brother-in-law Music box brought along. She plays who would have thought that Theme melody from My Neighbor Totoro. The small Plush totoro moved into our living room.

Here comes ours Omiyagethat we got from our friends in Yokohama. Thank you very much again at this point.

Next Instant dashi broth and Instant soup broth do we have Goma-ae sauce (Sesame sauce), a hearty sauce and soy sauce. The Goma-Ae sauce was the best I've ever tried (except for homemade Goma-Ae). In the package on the right, we also got sesame sauce and ready-made sushi vinegar with sugar and salt. Both are still waiting to be used. The nibble below in the photo, on the other hand, was eaten up immediately. The Rice crisps were pleasantly spicy.

In the wooden box there were two beautiful ones Hashioki. Now we have a nice selection of chopsticks.

As promised, I'm going to show you my extra gift from our friends in Japan. It's a kimono with Obi (Belt) more precisely one Furisode. This is what the solemn kimonos with the long sleeves are called. I was really happy about it!

So far I haven't gotten to wearing it. This also includes accessories and knowledge. I now have almost everything I need to wear. Soon it will be time to dress and tie the obi. I'm curious if I can do that. Many thanks to Maurin for your help researching Kitsuke accessories!

By the way, the kimono is made of silk. The Chrysanthemums are in some places with golden threads adorned. My goal is to get him in Augsburg at the spring festival in the botanical gardento wear in May. I don't know yet whether I'll get him tied by then.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments about the souvenirs, write to me in the comments.


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