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Self-defense in Magdeburg

Self defense

To Self defense In principle, any martial arts or self-defense system offered in Magdeburg is suitable. However, there are fundamental differences in how quickly a technique that can be used in a dangerous situation can be learned. You have the choice between a self-contained one Self defense courseas offered by many martial arts schools, fitness studios, adult education centers or similar (often only for women) in Magdeburg, and learning one Martial arts or Martial arts"From the bottom up", which goes hand in hand with years of regular training. But there are also differences here. There are systems that are relatively easy to learn, such as Wing Tsun, Ju Jutsu, Kickboxing or Krav Magathat focus on the essentials, namely effectiveness. On the other hand, there are martial arts or martial arts such as Shaolin Kung fu, karate or Hapkidowhere, in addition to techniques and forms, the students are also taught history and philosophy.

Self-defense for women in Magdeburg

In the focus of a self defense course for Women and girl provides a realistic assessment of dangerous situations and how they can be resolved. You will learn appropriate techniques, also in role play, to defend yourself effectively.

Martial arts for children and adolescents

As self defense for children and Teenagers martial arts in particular have become Taekwondo, Judo, Ju-Jutsu / Jiu Jitsu, Wing Tsun and karate proven. You can also find various providers in and around Magdeburg within the martial arts category. Through regular training, the children get to know their own body better and are more aware of it. Posture and the ability to concentrate are promoted and self-confidence is built up.

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