How can you train your dog

What is the difference between Obedience Training and Obedience Trial?

The biggest difference between Obedience Training and Obedience Trial is that the dogs receive rewards significantly more often during training. For example, the goal can be for the dog to perform 50 percent more than would be required in a competition before receiving a reward in training. Prepare your dog to do longer sequences without rewards. At the end of each sequence there is of course always a reward for our canine buddies.

Obedience training ranges from very simple methods in which the dog is taught to reliably listen to commands such as “sit” to competitions at a very high level, such as those offered by the “American Kennel Club”, “United Kennel Club” and “ Canadian Kennel Club ”. There additional commands, accurate execution and performance are assessed by the jury.

In order for the dog to actually deserve the designation “obedient” - as opposed to merely “trained” - it must react reliably to all instructions from the owner and implement them accordingly. Dealing with a well-obedient dog means great joy for the owner. And conversely, the dog also finds fun in it. If the dog does not obey well, this can become a burden for the owner, the environment - and to a certain extent also for the dog itself. After all, it is extremely important in a social context that the dog listens to its owner - not least in order not to endanger other people or animals.