Are narcissists ever submissive

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Narcissists are people who are particularly self-indulgent and incapable of criticism and who try to impose their opinion on other people. Two psychologists from the University of Michigan in the USA have investigated that narcissistic traits decrease with age. Kerstin Ruskowski from Deutschlandfunk-Nova-Nachrichten took a closer look at the investigation.

The two researchers say that over time, people are compelled to learn that they are not the center of the world. For example through relationships, new experiences and starting a family. In young adulthood, the first job changes your self-image particularly strongly, because there you often have to endure criticism. You realize that you have no or less idea than your colleagues. You also learn that narcissistic traits don't necessarily get you anywhere if you want to have friends and deep relationships, says the study's lead author.

"The decrease in narcissism is most pronounced in young adulthood, but it doesn't stop completely over time. You never stop learning when it comes to self-criticism."
Kerstin Ruskowski, Deutschlandfunk Nova news editor

The researchers examined this decreasing narcissism on the basis of around 750 participants between the ages of 13 and 77, whose data had been collected in various studies. The two psychologists from Michigan compiled this data in their study.

Character traits develop differently

Various forms of narcissistic character traits were examined in the studies. During the evaluation, the researchers found that character traits develop differently. Narcissistic traits like hypersensitivity and stubbornness decrease as you get older. At the same time, people become more independent and ambitious as they age. Differences between the different generations were also found. Later generations were less hypersensitive and instead more independent than earlier generations. In general, it can be said that young people are more self-loving than older people. Because that changes with age and self-love decreases.