The emergency room can pull teeth

Dental emergency service, pulling a tooth?

08.05.2009 | 6 answers
Hello mom's

On Wednesday I started a root canal treatment after I went to the dentist because I occasionally had a tooth joke and only thought of a hole, but instead of it getting better, it got worse and worse, I had a permanent toothache as soon as the anesthesia wore off , so that I was finally able to come again today (after hearing it, it's normal that it hurts afterwards, with some more and less with others). Today she opened it again (it was only a provisional appointment that would have been on Tuesday and the tooth was supposedly immobilized) cleaned everything again, and I could have jumped in her face, it hurt so much, despite the anesthesia, she closed everything again and Said more, she can't do more, the end result is that despite everything I have persistent toothache, I can't even eat anything because as soon as my upper teeth come on the lower tooth, I jump to the ceiling in pain. Paracetamol also hardly or not at all help, if I only take 1 it works, if at all, after 2 hours and then only minimally so I am not a piece of pain and after 1-1.5 hours the effect is gone again, I take 2 at a time ( what I have clarified) it works faster but also not completely painless and after 2-3 hours everything is gone again, and you should take this in a rhythm of every 6 hours. I'm going crazy with this pain, I can't really stand it anymore, especially since I'm pregnant with our 2nd child (12th week).

Now my question is, if I go to the dental emergency service at the weekend and tell them about it, will they pull the tooth out for me at my request? It’s the third last tooth and I can do without it, the main thing is that the pain finally stops, especially since my health insurance does not pay for the root canal treatment and I therefore have to pay the 350 euros for it out of my own pocket, and I do not have the feeling that it is something besides me brings more pain than before I was there.

Does anyone know something about that?

Thanks in advance for your answers (wink)

6 answers

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If I were you, I would definitely go to the dental emergency service! Tell him you can't take it anymore, then he'll do it! Greetings, Greta
GretaMartina | 05/08/2009
oh that sounds good
After a tooth root inflammation, the only thing that really helps is that you put a medication into it and only close it with cotton wool so that the inflammation can drain away, I got the antibiotic that helped me at first but wasn't pregnant either, the tooth but kept causing trouble at certain intervals that I let him go, I wish you a speedy recovery and that the pain will stop soon
yes she gave me both times
something done that he should be quiet, but that doesn't help a bit, I've been walking around with persistent toothache since Wednesday morning, sometimes they are really great I could only cry then it works again but they are never gone, I sometimes have the feeling that I'll run amok soon if that doesn't stop, and to be honest, I don't want to endure it until Tuesday and then have it done a third time where it might not work again
oh dear
that's exactly what I had the other day! The emergency dentist then set up such a drug, it got better. now i just go to him, his representative has put in a temporary cement filling for me in between and the final filling will come next week. I wouldn't let the tooth be pulled straight away. the third from last is quite far ahead. do you want to leave the gap or have a bridge made in? just wait and see, let me put a drug like this on you! lg mely
this is new to me that the health insurance fund does not pay for a root canal treatment! I am a dental assistant and already had one and I was paid for it. that it hurts afterwards is normal but if it is so bad he will pull the signs for you that the root seems to be properly inflamed the pain is also stress for the unborn child go to the emergency service and ask at the checkout why they are supposedly the treatment do not pay. lg and get well soon
Well, I'll give you a tip because I had that too. I was also repeatedly cleaned with medication and prov. filling with another tooth. after the fourth time - I was hardly at home - I popped out the prov. filling. and it was good. The tooth was then open and I was free of pain. maybe the emergency service leaves the tooth open if you ask. so no cotton wool either. And tooth pulling, if it hurts anyway, can be painful. what you should also ask - maybe you have a root more than normal or a channel more. that was the case with my extracted tooth. I visited 8 dentists with it. the last one only found it because he pulled it. only one root / canal was treated, although the tooth had three canals. something like that is extremely rare, so a dentist never thinks about it. get well soon!!! mimi
benjaminalena | 05/08/2009


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