What are the challenges of project management


In view of an ever-expanding range of requirements, the task of the IT project manager is not getting any easier. New infrastructures such as the cloud require new process models and an adaptation or expansion of existing service level agreements. For example, which law is the data in the cloud subject to? What about the availability during or after business hours? Which update cycles need to be taken into account and what happens in the event of bankruptcy or a sale of the cloud provider?


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The topic of data security in particular is still one of the top challenges that IT managers and the rest of the management floor regularly take away from sleep. This also applies when it comes to implementing highly innovative innovations for tomorrow's business. As a project manager, you have to create an understanding of the benefits of innovations without hiding their risks. Because IT does not operate in a vacuum, but is part of the company and is therefore also committed to its success and protection.


IT has traditionally found it difficult to prove the business benefits in particular. Here again, the communication skills of the IT project manager are required. It will only be accepted if the economic benefits of a solution are comprehensible for all stakeholders. That is why it is so important to know the concerns of the other party and to be able to dispel them appropriately so that the project does not go wild.

The quick adaptation of IT to business requirements has been a constant topic between departments for decades. One approach to process improvement are so-called DevOps (from Development = development and Operations = operation). DevOps should dovetail software development more closely with IT operations in order to develop high-performance software that serves the needs of the company faster than before. Last but not least, the use of DevOps requires a change in corporate culture, as IT is more closely interlinked with other business areas than before. In any case, decision-makers and IT project managers can no longer hide behind the "Do it yourself" that was often said in the past.

More than ever before, the IT project manager is now also a change manager who not only implements projects, but also moderates and has to convince stakeholders at the same time. You have to ask yourself how you can make IT more agile at the same time without neglecting important basic principles such as performance, stability, security and availability. At the same time, more than ever, the IT project manager has to be a good networker who brings internal and external experts together so that they can achieve top performance together.

All of these questions show that the job description of the IT project manager is extremely characterized by new challenges. But at the same time it is more exciting and diverse than ever before. A complete overview of the new challenges for IT project managers can be found in our free white paper.



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