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Highly secure corporate communication

Digital security now affects everyone, both privately and professionally. ALPEIN Software SWISS AG has taken on this problem, which poses a great risk for many companies in all industries, administrations, authorities and service providers.

The SWISS SECURIUM platform from ALPEIN Software SWISS AG offers an optimal solution!
The complete solution for everyone who puts the security of their data first. An easy to maintain platform, uncompromisingly secured, for daily communication and cooperation with business partners, customers and clients. Well guarded in a bunker deep in the Swiss Alps.

While the whole world is constantly confronted with spying from private and government sources via the Internet and open communication platforms, the legal requirements for data protection are increasing at the same time. When the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the new regulation on data protection within the EU from May 2018, comes into effect, many companies are required to act. Loss of data and the non-data protection-compliant handling of customer data are now punishable, at least when it concerns EU citizens. And, it is not only large companies and administrations that are required more than ever to manage customer data in accordance with EU GDPR in addition to the mandatory protection of their own business secrets and data. Especially for small and medium-sized companies and internet shops - often without their own IT department - complex problems can arise quickly. Costly warnings and sensitive fines can be the bitter consequence!

In contrast, users of the SWISS SECURIUM platform are on the safe side, as the concept of the highly secure platform takes into account the EU GDPR requirements.
It goes without saying that ALPEIN Software SWISS AG itself works in compliance with the EU GDPR and was ISO 27001 certified even before the new General Data Protection Regulation was introduced. When developing the SWISS SECURIUM platform, the focus was on the best possible security and the highest level of privacy protection for users of the platform and their customers from the start.

The platform offers (video) telephony, chat, e-mail, data cloud, data exchange and password management from a single source. Replace unprotected and distributed systems such as Exchange, Slack, Google Drive and Skype with a single platform, easily administered via a convenient web interface with two-factor authentication.
In this way, SWISS SECURIUM offers the highest possible security standards and convenience when dealing with day-to-day business with the following components:
-Email communication
-Instant messaging
-Voice, video calls and conference calls
- File exchange and storage
-Virtual desktop
-Password management

Everything is encrypted, of course - from the email to the phone call. Only the customer has access to his data. ALPEIN Software SWISS AG itself cannot see the data any more than any authorities. Nothing works without a password. ALPEIN Software Swiss AG relies on maximum security in terms of IT and engineering and is aware of its responsibility towards the users of the platform.

SWISS SECURIUM comes from the cloud and is accessed via a browser or app. The Swiss server forms the stable basis of security. All data are in Switzerland, in a former military bunker, 320 meters deep in a mountain range in the canton of Uri. A data center in the high-tech bunker with, among other things, steel doors, biometric locks, state-of-the-art monitoring technology, optimal infrastructure, self-sufficient energy supply, duplicated line systems and even protection against electromagnetic pulses. The goal: The highest permanent physical security for all data and applications and, in the event of an emergency, the guarantee of smooth system operation and constant system availability.

However, ALPEIN Software SWISS AG does not only rely on its own engineering skills and the Swiss Alps to guarantee data security. It is just as important that the users of SWISS SECURIUM, due to the progressive Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) in force in Switzerland, also benefit from a legal perspective. Since the data is stored in Switzerland, it is exclusively subject to Swiss law.
Only a court in Switzerland could demand that the data be released. Since these are encrypted, this requires the exclusive consent of the owner of the data. And even in this case, the user alone decides what data to release and what not. Foreign court judgments, laws or rights have no authority here.
If you really want to operate security consistently, there is no other way. This also explains why all functions consistently come from ALPEIN Software SWISS AG and why well-known solutions, especially those of American origin, have not been integrated. As soon as, for example, Google or Dropbox is used, a door opens into the unknown.

To enable contemporary work, SWISS SECURIUM also offers apps for all common smartphones and PCs. Here, too, attention was paid to security, because the apps cannot be opened without a separate login, even if the phone itself is already unlocked.
In addition to the described package for secure communication, there is now a remote desktop. This enables the customer to relocate their entire IT environment to the secure cloud environment from ALPEIN Software SWISS AG. Both Windows and Linux are available. This securely encapsulates not only the data, but all applications. If a customer loses their laptop, they can simply log on to another device and find their familiar working environment again immediately. So no traces remain on the devices.

Another aspect of this security approach is the consistent use of open source protocols and encryption (AES and SSL). Recently, there has also been a collaboration with the chair “Distributed Systems by Marcel Waldvogel” at the University of Konstanz. Together they want to research security technologies and algorithms and incorporate the results into their own products.

The implementation of the platform is largely supported by ALPEIN Software SWISS AG. All applications can be managed centrally and without special knowledge. SWISS SECURIUM enables simple administration in which users can be created and managed very easily. The platform integrates seamlessly into existing systems and offers apps for all common smartphones and PCs.
With SWISS SECURIUM, customers have full control over their data and, at the same time, an easy-to-use system that also provides small companies with all the services they need for day-to-day business at low cost.

Be and stay safe: With SWISS SECURIUM!
Put the offer from ALPEIN Software SWISS AG to the test and test SWISS SECURIUM now for free!
An investment that pays off! After all, business data is more valuable today than ever. Loss of data, hacked data or non-compliance with legal regulations, such as the new EU GDPR, often mean the end for a company. For ALPEIN Software SWISS AG, it is very important to offer SWISS SECURIUM, a cost-effective and highly secure platform that reduces its own IT and administration effort to an absolute minimum, so that small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from it.
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