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Your poultry, our specialty

Carrying out animal-friendly poultry transports is our specialty. From chickens to pigeons, from ducks to turkeys: Mantrans transports all your poultry. Depending on the distance, number and weight of the animals, we offer tailor-made transports. Together we will determine the most suitable transport. Regardless of whether it is a one-way trip or large annual volumes. Get in touch with us so that we can discuss the possibilities for poultry transport in the Netherlands or across Europe as well as tailor-made transport options.

We always load slaughter poultry in our self-developed transport containers, while mother animals are often loaded in boxes. Thanks to the blue headlights of the articulated loader, it can remain dark in the stable during loading. And since we have pallets that have been specially developed for loading boxes, these can be driven directly into the barn, which means that the animals do not have to be herded together.

Convenient poultry transport

Animal welfare always comes first when Mantrans transports poultry. We have developed transport containers ourselves that not only take animal welfare into account, but also offer high loading convenience and make cleaning easier. On request, we can connect a watering system so that the poultry don't miss anything on the way. Of course, we are in possession of all permits and we meet all requirements in order to transport the poultry with optimal comfort.

Transporting poultry is the work of man

Our experienced and certified drivers always think proactively with our customers about the best solution, striving for a transport process that is organized as tightly as possible. Of course, you can always follow the status and route of your loads via Track & Trace. In short: Mantrans offers you more than just transports from A to B. Our employees do the work for you from A to Z when transporting your poultry and guarantee that this is done in a safe, efficient and animal-friendly manner.

Ready for poultry transport?

Are you also looking for a reliable partner for your poultry transports? Our employees and drivers are there for you! So get in touch with us now and request a quote!

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