OYO allows unmarried couples under the age of 18

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Hello Fabian,

So I've been to the Emirates many times, focusing on Dubai, but also Abu Dhabi. I have NEVER been checked for medication when I entered the country. To prevent trouble, however, it is enough for your friend to simply take her prescription from the gynecologist with her. If she briefly explains to him what it is about, he will certainly issue her with a suitable certificate. I also read about the hotel rooms again and again. This is presented in a rather exaggerated way. According to the Sharia this is not allowed, yes. But in the international hotels (where most of the employees are not Emiratis) this is simply accepted. No one has been imprisoned for this in the last 10 years. Do you really think so many people would travel to the Emirates every year if unmarried couples were arrested ??? The Emirates want tourism, they want even more of it. So things like that are accepted. I have already been to the Emirates 4 times with my boyfriend (not married) and no one in the hotel has ever asked about it.

What I think is your biggest problem is that you are not yet of legal age (not according to UAE guidelines). DH. you won't get alcohol anywhere and maybe there are other restrictions (e.g. when shopping) so you should check with your travel agent again.

It is also true that caresses are not welcome in public, but if you accidentally touch your girlfriend's hand, you will definitely not get arrested. In hotel complexes and other tourist facilities, e.g. water parks, this is not a problem.

Otherwise, if you follow a few simple rules (appropriate clothing outside of the booth and pool, that is what many tourists unfortunately heed less and less, no drunkenness in public etc.) you can have a wonderful quiet holiday in Ras al Kaimah, with guaranteed sun, a super great beach, hotels and restaurants very clean and of a very high standard, even if you don't take the most expensive, no wasps or mosquitoes (that's really great), no annoying beach vendors or pick-ups and at the creek, on the souks or on a trip to Hatta or Al Ain you can also experience some "Middle East romance".

Have fun