How clean is your city


Environmental protection begins so easily in everyday life:

The following five tips for environmental protection are of course suitable for every city and region, so that you can do something or even a little more every day for a clean environment and thus a lot for our health without spending a lot of time and effort.

Together for a healthy environment

You too have it in your own hands in the truest sense. Because your commitment to environmental protection not only reduces the amount of waste being thrown away - so-called littering - it also actively contributes to the avoidance of waste.

We'll show you five simple steps with which we can clean up our cities in no time together and counter litter with commitment. Let's not give litter a chance!

Five tips for environmental protection and against littering

1. Avoid trash where you can

Environmental protection begins with purchasing at the latest. Already here you set the course for environmental protection in everyday life. For example, do without plastic bags. A shopping basket or a tear-resistant jute bag are perfect alternatives. You probably already know the unpacked shop around the corner?

If you fancy a coffee-to-go, take a thermo mug from home with you. Do without the disposable cups as often and as best you can. According to Deutsche Umwelthilfe, 320,000 paper cups with plastic lids are used in Germany alone. Not a month, not a week or a day! Every hour! That results in approx. 3 billion cups a year, which are disposed of immediately after only one use!

When shopping, ask the salespeople that, for example, cheese that is already wrapped in cling film does not have to be wrapped in paper again and then packed again in a paper bag. Ideally, separate the product and packaging directly at the checkout and ask the sellers to dispose of the rubbish for you.

With every purchase, be aware of how much potential rubbish you have just bought next to your purchase. Only when retailers are confronted with it more and more will they continue to react and pass on the dissatisfaction brought to them to the manufacturing companies.

The decisive factor is that it will be a long time before packaging-free shopping becomes even more widespread. Let's not lose patience and make the most of it now.

2. Don't leave your rubbish lying anywhere, take it back with you

Actually a matter of course, unfortunately not for far too many. There are many public garbage cans available in the city. If you don't find one or if the ones in your area are overcrowded, take the garbage such as the disposable grill, paper plates or plastic dishes and empty bottles home with you and throw it in your own garbage can. A lot has already been done!

3. Collect three to four pieces of trash every day ... or more

Although you might think that the numerous places in your city are visited because they are so great, we find many sections dirty again and again every day. Since it is unlikely that this will change quickly, let us set a good example when it comes to environmental protection. We really don't break a spike when we tackle things ourselves, bend down and collect other people's rubbish.

When everyone who collects and dispose of three to four pieces of rubbish or more by the wayside, in meadows, on the banks and on beaches, is the first big step.

A small example with a big impact:

Just under 114,000 people currently live in Koblenz (source: City of Koblenz). If only 1% of the people of Koblenz took part and collected three pieces of garbage every day, we would come across almost 3,500 garbage items every day. That’s almost 24,000 a week!

And let's be honest: we all go to the supermarket, to work, for a walk with the dogs - we come across rubbish everywhere on the street or in nature. All we have to do is keep our eyes open, pick up the dirt and throw it in the nearest trash can. It doesn't even take time! Pretty easy, isn't it?

Should you ever come across an illegal landfill? Here we have a great app tip for you: go to the MÜ app article

We need your support!

We look forward to any support for the acquisition of further equipment and our public relations work as part of the general education!

4. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about environmental protection

What can we do to deter as many as possible from pollution and encourage them to collect rubbish? It really is that simple and even fun: Talk to your people about it. It doesn't matter whether it's in the family or at work. Bring the unnecessary garbage in nature into consciousness and show how easy it is to get your city and your environment cleaner and thus healthier again.

5. Approach others locally

Okay, the final point is sure not for everyone. But if you have no difficulty in making contact, approach your fellow people outside. Talk to them about environmental pollution and become an ambassador for an unspoiled city and nature yourself!

If you observe someone who is about to leave trash lying around or throw it into nature, you have to decide for yourself whether you should speak to them about it. In fact, we have not only had frustrating experiences here. It is definitely worthwhile to stay calm here.

Thank you for taking the time to read these approaches. We are much, much more grateful if you share them!

Here are an overview of the 5 tips for environmental protection again as a checklist:

  1. Avoid rubbish where you can ✅
  2. Never leave rubbish lying around ✅
  3. Pick up at least three or four pieces of trash every day ✅
  4. Talk to people around you about avoiding waste and collecting waste ✅
  5. Talk to polluters ✅

By the way, we have our own playlist on Spotify, which makes collecting garbage even more fun. Here we will show you how you can find it and insert your desired title from us.