Will college be out of date in our lives

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The Circle of Friends wants ...

  • Promote collaboration between parents, students and teachers and society
  • make the school known to the public
  • support the improvement of the school's equipment
  • Help plan and design community-building school events
  • maintain the connection with the former students
  • be open to new ideas

We need...

despite increasingly scarce or even canceled state funds for the education of our children:

  • modern media equipment as well
  • Working and teaching materials for lively and varied lessons

The association receives the necessary funds exclusively from donations and membership fees.

In this way we want to ensure

  • that the school is even more of a place for social encounters that stimulates the imagination,
  • that our students are tolerant of their classmates, friends and teachers
  • that college is a place of learning that we are happy to give our children to because we know that they are in good hands there for important years of their development!

Projects and ideas that cannot be financed from the regular school budget are supported. They create a significant educational benefit for the current and future school years.

So help us to continue to be successful and to do good. Our children deserve it!

On behalf of the students and teachers, the Friends of Heidelberg College would like to thank everyone who supports the work ideally and financially.



The membership fees are for each calendar year

- Family memberships: 40 €
- Individual memberships: 25 €
- Reduced memberships: 15 € (schoolchildren, students, apprentices)

The development association is non-profit. This means for you:
- Contributions and donations are tax deductible
- Contributions, donations and income from events go 100% to the children

All employees are volunteers.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
[email protected]

Chair: Andreas Ruf and Bettina Klemm