What exactly is content writting

Content manager training: become a writing master.

"Content is king." This is the secret of the success of all good websites. And the goal of all search engines - first and foremost Google - is to find the best content that the Internet has to offer for a specific term.

Content managers (you can also call them online editors, web copywriters or online copywriters) have the task of developing the royal content for websites. This is supposed to make the visitors happy and to get the search engines to display their own page high in the result lists. Is to a lot of expertise necessary. In order to acquire these, nowadays you usually need a well-founded content manager training.

Search engines don't have it easy either.

The task of the search engines has also become more demanding. They were in the pioneering years of the Internet Filter algorithms Still quite simple: a website that featured “cheap winter tires” as often as possible was the first address for surfers looking for cheap winter tires.

So the website operators simply attached long lists of words to their websites. The particularly clever ones in white text on a white background. For the so-called "Crawler" (small programs with which Google and Co. search the Internet for content) the terms were still legible. But they did not attract the attention of the human visitors.

With the years they are Search engine evaluation algorithms have become more and more complex. Simple tricks like the ones mentioned above no longer get you a good ranking today. They are more damaging because they can easily be seen through by the crawlers and reveal the handwriting of a rascal who tries to steal one of the top places with unfair means. Pages that try to fool Google will be penalized and listed particularly far back in the search results.

Therefore, a well-founded online editor training must also explain how modern search engines work. With this knowledge in mind, content managers can develop content that will appeal to both people and search engines. With such content, your website will be king. If that interests you, you can find the details here: Online Editor Course.