How many faces are in a pyramid

The mysterious cavity in the Cheops pyramid poses a riddle

"For me, the location [of the cavity] makes that interpretation most likely," says Spence. "It's too well placed to get boulders into position up there."

According to Salima Ikram, an Egyptologist at the American University in Cairo, the location of the cavity directly above the Great Gallery could suggest that she played a role in building that area. Even so, she recommends that the current interpretations be used with caution. “I think it's never too early to speculate. But you can be pretty wrong, ”she says.

Time will tell whether these or other theories about the purpose of the cavity work. According to Tayoubi and the staff at ScanPyramids, work is only just beginning.

Anyone who dreams of perhaps even being able to enter the cavity themselves will be disappointed. There are no known corridors leading to this area and both researchers and other experts stress that there are no plans to physically enter this area in the future. Instead, they want to do everything in their power to take a non-invasive peek inside the cavity. (Worth reading: First look into the newly opened Egyptian tomb)

"There is a lot of heavy, thick rock, and if you drill into it, you don't know how that would affect the entire structure," says Ikram. “If there was anything behind the Mona Lisa, would you want to wipe it off to see what's there? You have to preserve the integrity of this building. ”(Worth reading: 3,500 year old Egyptian graves with mummies and death masks discovered)

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