Industrial engineers in America are well paid

Wrong expectation of the first salary

Graduates often have the wrong idea of ​​their starting salary, according to the online salary database Based on the analysis of 13,000 salaries by and Stepstone, there was a surprising winner in terms of entry-level salaries. Everything about salary on

Among the bachelor's graduates, it is not the computer scientists but the industrial engineers who have the edge: After completing the bachelor's degree, an industrial engineer can expect an average annual gross salary of 47,000 euros, followed by the engineer with 46,300 euros and the computer scientist or business IT specialist with 45,700 euros. Bachelor graduates in geosciences, humanities and cultural studies have to make do with almost 10,000 euros less per year.

Engineers earn more than they expect

Industrial engineers with a starting salary of almost 53,000 euros per year are also paid the second best among master’s graduates. In front of them are only those who can show a master's degree in medical technology and are remunerated at 59,500 euros gross per year. A master’s degree in computer science costs just under 51,000 euros per year.

The employer's sector and the graduate's area of ​​activity have a major influence on the starting salary of industrial engineers. Engineers earn the best in vehicle construction / suppliers (53,302 euros), in the chemical and oil processing industry (50,668 euros), medical technology (50,549 euros), electrical engineering (50,024 euros), in science and research (49,387 euros), the metal industry (49,959 euros), the aerospace industry (49,174 euros) and mechanical engineering (48,855 euros). Engineers and industrial engineers who are employed as business consultants, IT experts, in research or in production, earn very well. Top companies in the industry sector

Become an engineer and do a doctorate

The degree also affects the size of the salary. Bachelor graduates can expect an average of 42,170 euros a year, with a master’s degree in their luggage, the gross annual salary increases to 47,400 euros. And after completing a doctorate, the starting salary averages 56,300 euros. For those who primarily want a high starting salary, should study an engineering, science or economics subject, do a doctorate and then go into industry.

The auto industry pays IT specialists the best

However, according to Stepstone and analyzes, there are also lucrative entry perspectives in numerous industries for computer scientists. With an annual gross salary of 55,464 euros, computer scientists and their engineering colleagues earn the best in vehicle construction and the automotive supply industry. But also the pharmaceutical industry, energy and water supply and disposal, mechanical and plant engineering, management consultancy, auditing, law, banking, banks and insurance, insurance, aerospace, science and research pay their software developers or data scientists with over 50,000 euros per year. Top companies in the banking industry Top companies in the insurance industry

By contrast, graduates of an economics degree earn less than expected when they start their careers. As a marketing manager, economists can expect an average of 39,600 euros a year, as a personnel officer just under 43,000 euros and in accounting 44,000 euros. The remuneration is highest when economists start as consultants. There it is 51,000 euros.

What Bachelor graduates earn on average

Industrial engineering: 47,073 euros
Engineering: 46,291 euros
Computer science: 45,709 euros
Business informatics: 45,691 euros
Economics: 41,517 euros
Natural sciences: 40,364 euros
Educational sciences, social pedagogy: 39,665 euros
Political and social sciences: 37,905 euros
Architecture: 37,769 euros
Psychology: 37,107 euros
Geosciences: 35,312 euros
History and cultural studies: 35,134 euros
Philosophy and humanities: 34,594 euros
Design: 34,120 euros

  1. Alternatives to a raise
    Sure, everyone is happy about a raise. But a raise doesn't always make sense:
  2. Cook yourself instead of going out to eat
    Particularly practical: the meal checks can also be redeemed in the supermarket.
  3. Just don't cash out!
    The company is not allowed to pay out the 44 euros - otherwise taxes would be due. Instead, a company can rely on ...
  4. Fill up once
    Tank vouchers were in vogue for a long time - but handling turned out to be too complicated. The legislature has also recognized this. In the meantime, the employer can give his employee benefits in kind amounting to 44 euros - every month.
  5. Cold progression
    For example, when the cold progression strikes and the employee no longer benefits from the allowance due to the increased tax burden. But there are plenty of ways to do something good for the employee.
  6. Company car
    Still much loved: the company car. But not every employee is already at a salary level that allows a company car - and not everyone wants one. In addition, companies often have to conclude complicated contracts with their employees. How about instead ...
  7. Small gifts
    For example, a company can give employees a "special occasion" gift. An occasion can ...
  8. Service bike
    ... with a company bike? In large cities in particular, cycling is an environmentally friendly and quick way to get to and from work. Advantage: The company bike can be used privately without any restrictions without having to conclude complicated contracts.
  9. Leasing contracts for smartphones
    If the employer does not provide a company cell phone, there is also the option of the employee leasing a smartphone through the company. This of course applies to all kinds of electrical devices, such as ...
  10. Notebooks, ...
    ... computer or ...
  11. Tablets like ...
    ... iPads and other tablet computers. However, the employee is responsible for maintenance and repairs - and the company is not allowed to give the device to the employee after the leasing contract has expired.
  12. The Bill please!
    Alternatively, the employer can also contribute to the employee's telephone bill.
  13. ... set prepaid credit cards.
    Simply top up with 44 euros every month - and the employee can spend what he or she wants.
  14. Card for public transport
    Caution: If the employer pays a subsidy for the monthly ticket for public transport, he can no longer load the 44 euros onto his employee's prepaid credit card. But there are also alternatives:
  15. ... be a birthday or an anniversary, for example.
    The company can give a gift worth 40 euros three times a year.
  16. ... sports courses or yoga lessons in the company.
    However, employees must be aware of all the alternatives to a raise:
  17. Go to the restaurant
    In the form of meal checks, even 6.10 euros can be subsidized. The additional three euros would then have to be taxed at a flat rate by the employer.
  18. Almost like cash
    Discounts on their own products for employees are tax-free up to 1,080 euros per year.
  19. Canteen food
    Grants for meals are also welcome. There are many ways of doing this. For example, a company can subsidize the employee's meal for 3.80 euros every day.
  20. Smarter than before
    An employee can also invest in training for their employees and not pay taxes or duties for them, as long as it is clear that the training is directly applicable to the job.
  21. Empty daycare
    A company can also offer to provide the employee with a subsidy towards the care costs for the children. It is also exempt from taxes and social security contributions and can relieve a family's budget.
  22. Health!
    A company can also spend 500 euros a year on the health of its employees. This also includes ...
  23. Sticker on the car
    If the company provides the employee with a sticker for a car or moped with the company logo, that's 21 euros per month.
  24. And what about old age?
    All on-top benefits are not paid into the pension fund. Experts do not assume that this will have a major impact on pension entitlement. But drawing up an invoice does no harm in any way.