What are the strange rules in Singapore

Butts, feces and chewing gum : Attention, the madness about fines is rampant!

A strong increase in the climate for fines can be observed worldwide. In Berlin, 120 euros will soon be charged for throwing away butts or chewing gum. In a global comparison, this is moderate. In Singapore, the same price is already 1300 euros, in Baden-W├╝rttemberg it has recently cost 250 euros.

Who does not flush in a public toilet and - how? - is caught, pays 150 euros in Singapore, which seems totally illogical to me, because this behavior is really disgusting. For what it costs to throw away a single cigarette, you can screw up eight toilets in Singapore. Mysterious Asia.

I don't understand the criteria in Berlin either. Dog droppings on the sidewalk will cost the pet owner 300 euros in the future, dog droppings in a green area will cost 1,500 euros. Both dog poo are equally dirty and stepping in is probably equally unpleasant in both cases.

The 1200 Euro surcharge seems to be due to the protection of the bushes and flowers. But that means that if an irresponsible dog owner in Berlin realizes that his dog has to, then he will drag the animal from the flowerbed onto the sidewalk. The wrong incentives are set.

Completely insane relations

According to the Minister of Transport, parking on cycle paths will soon cost 100 euros. Here, too, the relations seem strange. For what it costs to defecate a dog in a Berlin green area, you can park on the bike path for more than two weeks. Truck drivers who turn right at excessive speed, a behavior that has cost many people their lives, should, according to Minister Scheuer, only pay 70 euros.

In other words, for the price of a dog pile in the park, a truck driver in Berlin could put 21 cyclists in mortal danger, and there are even 30 euros left for beer and futschi. The ratios get completely crazy if you look at the fines for violent crimes.

A policeman who negligently rammed a car while on duty and thereby killed two people was fined 6,300 euros in Potsdam (four dog poo in the park plus two discarded butts). A man who beat up and stole from his ex-girlfriend and resisted his arrest: 1,100 euros.

The establishment of a Sharia police force, which patrols the streets in fantasy uniforms and in Allah's name, checks that all Muslims wear headscarves, is extremely cheap. Some of the defendants in Wuppertal were only asked to pay 300 euros for this. That means, if the Berlin dogs can be trained to become Sharia police dogs, who growl at bareheaded women, it is definitely cheaper for their master, pardon, their person, than defecating on a flower bed.

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