All men lie to their women

How men lie, how women lie

Status: 07/16/2020 5:00 p.m.

Men tend to lie more than women - and they lie differently! But both genders have one thing in common: There is an age range in which there is a lot of whispering.

"Send you look!" Bet you've all said this sentence before without really meaning it? These so-called "white lies" are very common: we fool around to be polite or not to hurt others.

In fact, we sometimes lie for more selfish reasons - for example, to avoid stress or to give ourselves an advantage. And although of course you shouldn't lump all people together because of their gender, there are studies that actually reveal differences between men and women when it comes to lying.

Lying is an integral part of our everyday life

First of all: We all lie - and not a little. As early as 2016, a Hamburg market research institute found out in a representative survey that 58 percent of Germans lie every day.

According to the study, three quarters of these lies are spoken face-to-face, and every fifth lie takes place by phone or text message. While friends, acquaintances and colleagues are lied to the most, we seem to have the most respect for our bosses and parents - only one in five dares to lie to them.

The study reveals several reasons why we lie:

  • More than half of the respondents do not want to hurt others or protect them by lying.
  • Almost every second find the truth sometimes just uncomfortable and want to save themselves trouble.
  • According to the study, one in four lies in order to achieve their goals.
  • One in six lies because he or she is afraid of not being liked otherwise.

Researcher: "Men tend to be a little more dishonest than women"

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute analyzed more than 500 studies on the subject of dishonesty with a total of more than 44,000 test subjects - and found that in the experiments they examined, men lied more often than women. It was 42 percent among men and 38 percent among women.

But not only the frequency, but also the way in which men and women lie differs: "Women were more often among the white liars: They say the untruth, but through which everyone is better off," explains scientist Philipp Gerlach from the Max Planck Institute in an N-JOY interview.

Whether a praise for the not-so-delicious food or a compliment for the rather unsuccessful hairstyle - according to the results, women tend to lie out of politeness.

Why do men lie more?

At the same time, there was a slight tendency in the investigated experiments for men to use so-called "black lies" more often, which can also be to the detriment of other people.

According to Gerlach, the fact that men are generally considered to be more willing to take risks could explain the fact that they are more likely to run the risk of being caught lying. However, there are other possible explanations, as Gerlach explains on the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences website: women are often more socially minded than men. Some studies would show that women shy away from lying when others are suffering from the negative consequences of their lies. However, this connection has not been thoroughly researched.

Studies: Young people lie more often

This willingness to take risks could also be the reason why young people lie more than older people: the probability that someone will lie decreases by 0.28 percentage points with each year of life. While it is around 47 percent for a 20-year-old, it is only 36 percent for a 60-year-old. "We see a peak, that is, a point of maximum dishonesty: It is between 20 and 30 years", says Gerlach.

But it could also be that there are generation differences. "Perhaps the new generation is no longer so strict about the truth," explains the researcher. Even if this is hopefully not the case.

With all the results on dishonesty, however, the researchers emphasize that dishonesty is not simply a quality of a person - it is also dependent on their situation and their environment.

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