Have you met someone who is really talented


Ask @ ElisaEcker813:

Do you still ride a lot?

What do you think when pretty people don't have boyfriends?

They are clearly smart people.

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Are you so talented?

Have you already met someone with whom you could imagine something serious or are you still looking for someone?

Do you belong to who

Does anyone own anyone?

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Blonde or brunette?

People you hate / dislike?

just look so artificial

I think so too?

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i miss you ❤️


How tall are you?

Do you have birthmarks on your face?

Normal sick people call freckles

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Do you like babies

If they don't scream, are far enough away, can't walk yet and, above all, are not my own, then yes

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Do you have soul

A. A soul.
People-please use article! ?? ‍♀️

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Can I just add you to snapchat?

?: elliecker

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Is it possible to get up without coffee?


funniest girl / funniest boy ??????

Do you have a sister?

In love?

In love with life

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Do you still live at your parents house?

No, not for 4 years

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What is wrong with you?

What's wrong with me

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can i write with you?

Insta, Snapchat, Facebook

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Harry Potter ?? ????

Do you really believe that humans are descended from apes?

No was full of God and Adam and Eva and so on

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You are cute

Do you get a 25mm driver's license


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