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What is an order form?

An order form is a form (surprise) that allows you to receive order information and payments from your customers. In other words, it is this thing that enables you to sell products online. Brilliant, isn't it?

What is a customer order form?

Simply put, a customer order form is a form used by customers to purchase goods, goods, and services from merchants and sellers. The order form is the beginning of a purchase process and, depending on the payment method accepted, the purchase may or may not be prepaid.

How can I create an order form?

We know that all too well! You log into 123FormBuilder (you can also try us for free); choose one of the numerous digital order form templates that we have available for you; customize at will; and then publish the form on your site.

What exactly is meant by "customizing" an order form template?

Customizing an order form template means you can add or remove fields (such as name, shipping address, phone number, drop-down fields, discount codes and so on); equip the form with conditional logic; Set up an email notification workflow (so that your buyers are informed about their order, for example) and can choose from a variety of payment providers.

And all of this with just a few clicks, in a few minutes. Or seconds if you're a really fast clicker.

How can I export orders to Google Sheets?

123FormBuilder is fully integrated with Google Sheets and also with the entire Google Drive suite. This means that all you have to do is activate the Google Drive integration and log in with your credentials, and the information you collect on your order forms will automatically be sent to the same spreadsheet.

Now you can track orders and use the information in various ways (provided you follow the GDPR regulations, which we of course always take into account with every single one of our forms).

Can I export my orders to Excel?

Yes absolutely. 123FormBuilder enables you to export your order form data in various formats, including CSV, PDF or Excel files. Simply go to the area in your free order form designer Submitted forms and export your data as you wish (for example as an Excel spreadsheet).

Can I add PayPal to my order form?

Yes, of course! We're integrated with numerous payment gateways, including PayPal (as well as Stripe, Authorize.net, and Square, to name a few). You can easily activate your PayPal payment acceptance in your order form app (just go to the area Payments, select PayPal and then connect it to your PayPal account).

What should an order form contain?

What your order form should contain depends very much on your business model and needs. However, some of the most common items to consider include the following:

  • Name, email, delivery address and telephone number (buyer's contact information)
  • Payment options
  • Product catalog (here you can use conditional formatting fields)

As a general rule, you should keep in mind that ordering products or services on your website should be as easy as possible. Customers don't like to look around for long; they have made their decision and want to give you the money. So you should definitely make sure that you can do this easily, and our order form designer can make sure of that.

Is 123FormBuilder free?

Ya, you can try our order form maker for free, but keep in mind that the free account is limited. You can use a custom order form template to receive information and accept payments, but you can only accept a limited number of payments within a certain period of time. To get more completed forms from your customers, you can subscribe to one of our plans on our pricing page. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use.