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Duties of a housekeeper

Before you finally decide on a housekeeper - regardless of how she will ultimately master the tasks assigned to her - there are some basic things to consider in advance that can be decisive for the right decision. It is a high priority that the chemistry between housekeeper and client is right and that you are friendly from the start. Ultimately, as part of her duties, the housekeeper will have access to all living spaces and insights into private life, which in the course of time will inevitably make her part of the family or a partner in many situations. To do this, it is necessary to establish an unrestricted relationship of trust based on honesty and discretion if you want to hire domestic staff.


The duties of a housekeeper are far-reaching

Certainly the tasks of a housekeeper differ depending on the environment in which she is employed. It can be the private household of a single person, a couple household, a multi-person family household with a baby, daycare or school children, a household in which animals belong to the family or a senior citizen household. The possibilities are as diverse as the requirements, prerequisites and the associated tasks for the housekeeper.
The duties of a housekeeper encompass all aspects of a household. This includes the organization of the private household as well as the thorough, professional room maintenance, including the maintenance of order and cleanliness, the independent taking over of the complete laundry and curtain care and the care of the garden or house plants. Her job also includes doing the shopping or acting as a shopping aid. The housekeeper is also responsible for preparing meals. In some cases, housekeepers are given the task of doing personal errands by their clients. Depending on the size and style of the household, your area of ​​responsibility also includes looking after guests at in-house, personal celebrations and / or helping with the organization of parties.
Child supervision is just as much a job of a housekeeper as driving to daycare or school to bring the children there and pick them up again. If there is a baby in the house, occasional babysitting by the housekeeper should also be the order of the day, possibly including feeding and diapering. If one or more pets are part of the family, the housekeeper may also take care of the pets in the house and take the dogs for walks.
In a senior household, a housekeeper can not only be a helping hand, but in a certain sense will also take on care and support functions in the context of her tasks. This is often essential for older people and will be very much appreciated, especially if very personal, individual wishes and idiosyncrasies are taken into account and the established rules in the household are observed.
An experienced housekeeper will always take care to coordinate her duties so that they do not interfere with the presence or absence of the family. Therefore, she should always carry out tasks such as all basic cleaning, window cleaning, laundry care, but also manual work, or have them carried out in their absence.
The childcare must of course be carried out on schedule, as well as the timely planning of purchases and supplies. If the family is present, breakfast, lunch or dinner or a desired tea or coffee drink (perhaps with a freshly baked cake) should be served by the housekeeper in good time. Of course, you can also hire a private chef, a nanny or a caretaker.

Requirements for the profile of a housekeeper

The profile that a housekeeper needs and has to bring with her is as diverse in terms of requirements as the tasks can be - and it seems like looking for a top manager. And yet the basic requirements for this demanding job should be met (here, order without evaluation) in order to be able to advance to the "pearl of housekeeping" and to fulfill the tasks set:
• The housekeeper has experience in all areas of household chores
• Independence, hard work and reliability
• Excellent organizational talent
• Flexibility (adaptability of the housekeeper to the daily routine of the client (s))
• structured way of working in the household
• The housekeeper is very willing to provide service
• Motivation to keep track of things even in turbulent situations
• Professional experience in private households with relevant references from the housekeeper
• Experience, sensitivity and understanding in dealing with children
• in special cases: love of animals, as looking after animals can also be part of the housekeeper's duties
• Commitment and interest of the housekeeper in varied activities
• Knowledge of hygiene, work technology and ergonomics
• Good manners, well-groomed appearance of the housekeeper
• A sense of responsibility
• Seriousness
• Resilience
• Careful and conscientious way of working in completing their tasks
• Planning security
• discretion
• …
It is also important that a housekeeper approaches her tasks with joy and an open, cheerful nature and is always motivated to face new challenges. Even a certain degree of dexterity can only be of use. Having a class B driving license or even your own vehicle that can be used for journeys on behalf of the employer should be an advantage for a sought-after housekeeper. Should the vehicle even be equipped with child seats - perfect!
With a housekeeper who is hired in Germany, one naturally expects good German and a correspondingly appropriate way of expression. Existing foreign language skills play a positive role during assignments abroad. For many families it is important that their housekeeper does not smoke, or at least does not smoke in the home. Non-smokers preferred!
But also those who employ a housekeeper have to contribute to the problem-free working relationship. In addition to a performance-based payment for the agreed and satisfactorily performed tasks and billing, he is responsible for the commercial registration and the conclusion of liability insurance, which guarantees a replacement in the event of possible damage or accidents in the household while the tasks are being carried out.

A special form: housekeeper in a rectory household

A rectory housekeeper, who is responsible for a priestly household, has an extended range of tasks and responsibilities. This particular housekeeper needs to have absolute control over the interrelationship between the household and the pastoral ministries of her employer. In addition to maintaining and managing the entire parsonage household, there are also social and cultural aspects and functions in addition to the tasks, since the parsonage is an important contact point for the community and often the first point of contact for those seeking advice.
In consultation and on the instructions of the pastor, the activity of a housekeeper in this environment includes other additional tasks such as telephone service, scheduling for the employer, making initial contacts and personal conversations when the pastor is absent, receiving feedback and requests from the parish and the support from the housekeeper at church events.
In order to manage a parish household successfully, the pastor and housekeeper have to form a well-coordinated team that meets all requirements and tasks and is also supported by the community - as an indispensable prerequisite.

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