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Lady Mary Josephine Talbot (born Crawley, born 1891) is the eldest daughter of Robert Crawley, 5th Earl of Grantham and his American wife, Cora Crawley (born Levinson), and the mother of Grantham's current heir, George, whom she and her deceased Husband Matthew Crawley had. Mary has two younger sisters, Edith Pelham, Marchioness of Hexham, and Lady Sybil Branson, who later died in 1920 of complications following the birth of their daughter. Through Sybil she is the sister-in-law of Tom Branson and the aunt and godmother of Sybil "Sybbie" Branson. She is also the aunt of Edith's illegitimate daughter Marigold. She is the granddaughter of the late 4th Earl of Grantham and Violet Crawley, through whom she is linked to the MacClare family. She is also the granddaughter of the Americans Isidore (also deceased) and Martha Levinson. In August 1925, she and Henry Talbot married.

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1912: The news of the death of their two cousins, James and Patrick, comes as a shock to the Crawley family, as Patrick was the heir to the title and Mary's fiancée at that. The engagement of Mary and Patrick, however, had little to do with love, it was more about not leaving Cora's fortune, which had flowed into the property at her wedding to Robert, to a stranger and through this marriage Mary secured a position in society . After Patrick's death, Cora and Violet tried to challenge the inheritance contract, as Mary was unlikely to inherit anything.

During this time the Duke of Crowborough was interested in marrying Mary, but he was more concerned with Mary's possible inheritance than with Mary herself. The interest ended when Robert told him that he had no intention of challenging the inheritance contract.

In the meantime, Mary and Evelyn Napier wrote each other several letters. When he visits Downton, he brings along the Turkish attaché Kemal Pamuk, who is visiting England as part of the Albania conference. Mr. Pamuk and Mary are flirting, but when he kisses her that evening she is scared. Despite everything, Mr. Pamuk is not deterred and comes into Mary's room that night and persuades her to sleep with him. Meanwhile, however, Mr. Pamuk has a heart attack and dies in Mary's bed. This panicked Anna Bates, the top maid at the time, and her mother Cora, who is very shocked about Mary's behavior, but does not want to expose her daughter to a scandal. Together they carry Mr. Pamuk's body in his bed, but are seen by the kitchen maid Daisy Robinson.

When there are rumors in London of this incident, Cora urges Mary to get married, preferably to Sir Anthony Strallan. But in Mary's opinion this is too old and too boring.

Mary's relationship with the new heir, Matthew Crawley, starts out coldly, but over time the two grow closer and a romance develops. In 1914 Matthew asks Mary if she wants to marry him, but she asks for time to think about whether to tell Matthew about the incident with Mr. Pamuk. She says that she will give him an answer after her stay with her aunt in London. However, since Matthew's proposal, she has been bombarded with new and varied pieces of advice as her mother Cora has become pregnant in the meantime, and if the baby becomes a boy, Matthew is likely to lose his claim to the title. Violet advises Mary to accept Matthew's proposal first and then, if the baby is really a boy, to withdraw from her answer. Meanwhile, her aunt Rosamund advises her not to give Matthew an answer until the baby is born.

When Mary told Matthew about the advice, he was disappointed that she was being influenced by others. Matthew withdraws his application and wants to leave Downton. Since the war breaks out, he joins the army.

1916: Mary and Matthew haven't seen each other in the past two years, but they both found someone new, even if they can't forget each other. This is how Mary began to meet with Sir Richard Carlisle, a self-made man who owns several newspapers, who also proposes to her. When the wife of John Bates, her father's valet, learns of the story with Mr. Pamuk, Mary tells Carlisle, and Carlisle ensures that the story does not come out into the open. To prevent Carlisle from publishing the story, Mary agrees to marry him, even if she doesn't love him.

Matthew has since got engaged to a certain Lavinia Swire, but when he is injured in the war and it is said that Matthew is paralyzed, which would mean that he cannot lead a "full married life", he separates from Lavinia. During this time, Mary takes care of Matthew. Carlisle, who is jealous, brings Lavinia back to Downton, and they and Matthew become engaged again when it turns out that Matthew is not paralyzed, but only has a bad bruise on his spine, which will slowly recede.

Three days before the wedding, Carson the Butler, Cora and Lavinia contract the Spanish flu, from which Lavinia dies. Her last words are that she release Matthew and that he should be happy with Mary. Matthew blames herself and Mary for Lavinia’s death, saying she died of a "broken heart". Because of this, he believes that he and Mary can never be happy because, in his eyes, they both 'murdered' Lavinia.

Meanwhile, Robert also notices that Mary is by no means happy with Carlisle, and Cora therefore tells him what really happened to Mr. Pamuk back then. Robert then talks to Mary and tells her to break up with Carlisle and go to America for the time being to wait for the scandal in the newspapers and to look for a "cowboy" there to loosen up the mood. Matthew also tells Mary to break up with Carlisle and that she doesn't need to marry anyone because she can live on Downton Abbey forever. When Mary actually breaks up with Carlisle, he gets so angry that Matthew steps in and the two fight in the library. That evening Mary tells Matthew the story of Mr. Pamuk and Matthew surprises Mary by proposing again, which this time she accepts without hesitation.

1920: Shortly before the wedding of Mary and Matthew, Robert is told that Downton Abbey is again facing financial ruin, and Matthew is offered the inheritance of the late Reggie Swire, Lavinia’s father, which would save Downton. But Matthew feels remorse over Lavinia’s death, which he still blames himself for, and wants to give the money away, even if it means selling Downton Abbey. Mary is very disappointed about this and she blames Matthew for not being on the Crawley side. Tom, who is Matthew's best man, can get Matthew to talk to Mary again and the wedding will take place the next day.

Through a letter from Richie stating that he knew of everything that happened because Lavinia had written him a letter before she died, Matthew gratefully accepts the money, and Robert makes Matthew the co-owner of Downton.

Months later, Tom and the heavily pregnant Sybil flee Dublin to Downton because the police suspect Tom of having been involved in the aristocratic home. The two stay on Downton and Sybil has her baby. But she dies of eclampsia shortly after giving birth. Mary therefore stands up for Tom and Sybbie so that the child can be baptized as a Catholic and thus Sybil's last will can be done. Mary becomes the godmother of her niece Sybbie Branson. Tom becomes like a brother to Mary.

Early in 1921, after a minor operation, Mary becomes pregnant. When the family traveled to Duneagle in September at the invitation of the MacClare family, the heavily pregnant Mary accompanied them, but went back earlier because she had her child. Matthew, who is traveling as soon as he hears about it, arrives at the hospital shortly after the birth and greets his son George Crawley. However, on the way to Downton Abbey, Matthew dies in a car accident.

1922: It has been 6 months since the fatal car accident, but Mary is still no better. She "barely has the strength to bring a fork to her mouth" and does not want to bother with George; She leaves that to Nanny West. Only after the intervention of her grandmother, Carson and Tom, who asks her to participate in questions of the management of the property, since she owns 1/6 of Downton and she manages George 2/6, does Mary's emotional situation improve again and she does fights to keep Downton for her son. In this difficult phase it becomes clear that Mary and Carson have almost developed a father-daughter bond. Carson talks to her and seems to know much better than her own father what helps her in her grief. Carson is also where Mary really cries for the first time and finally breaks out of her cool facade and shows how much she loved Matthew and how great her pain is for his loss.

1923: During this time, both Anthony "Tony" Foyle, better known as Lord Gillingham, whom Mary has known since childhood and who comes back to Downton through a large company from Cora, and Charles Blake, who with Evelyn Napier due to Government work in the area a while on Downton lives to Mary. When Charles realizes that Mary is more interested in Tony, he pulls out of courtship, but he and Mary remain friends.

1924: After Charles retires, Mary and Tony spend a week in Liverpool to really get to know each other. Mary later rejects Tony's proposal because she realizes that she and Tony don't really fit together and that she still has to think too much about Matthew. Tony does not want to accept this. To get Tony off Mary, Charles devises various plans until one, Tony should see Charles and Mary kiss, works.

When the family is invited to Brancaster Castle by Rose MacClare's in-laws, Mary meets racing driver Henry Talbot.

1925: Through various arranged meetings by Tom, who likes Henry very much, especially because of his fondness for cars, the two get closer. When there was an accident at the car race to which Henry had invited the entire Crawley family and Henry's best friend died, Mary ended the relationship because she did not want to be a "car accident widow" again, but Henry did not want to give up racing for her sake either should. However, this does not give up easily. But Mary feels too pressured and pushes Henry away from her. After talking to Violet, Mary arranges a meeting with Henry and the two decide to get married.

In December, Henry surprises Mary by opening a car dealership together with Tom, and Mary surprises Henry that she is pregnant.

Appearance == Lady Mary Crawley has dark brown hair which she wore in an elaborate updo in previous seasons; then, in her 20s, she prefers to switch to a modern bob. Mary has fawn eyes and pale skin, another characteristic is her long fingers. She has a very thin figure, although she does not appear lanky, but graceful. In general, Lady Mary looks very glamorous and self-confident. With her pretty appearance and demeanor, she very often wraps men around her finger.

Character == From the outside, Mary often looks cool, very self-confident and is very controlled. There is a lot more behind its facade, but it does not let many people look behind it.

She is quick-witted and is not afraid to make mean comments, mostly in the fine, British way. She can also come across as condescending and arrogant. However, Mary is someone who is very controlled and she is scared if someone takes her out of control. She mostly covers up uncertainty with arrogance. That's why she likes to let her charm play, but then becomes very insecure when it becomes something more serious. However, if she has allowed her feelings, Mary is someone who is passionately loving and wonderfully caring. She is also friendly and helpful to people who are good to her, such as friends. If she doesn't get on well with someone, it won't be easy for that person, like her sister Edith, for example. Because Mary is not afraid to spin intrigues or argue with someone in her gallant yet nasty way. Lady Mary does not like to be taught and is therefore quite stubborn and stubborn. Besides, she can't stand it when she is pitied and tries to get the best out of things for herself.

Although Mary is a traditional person, she is tolerant and ready to adapt to the changing times. In the later seasons she manages the property together with Tom Branson and her father and takes care of the maintenance of the house and the village with them, which is why she has good trading knowledge.