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22 exceptional examples of professions

“Boy, learn something decent. Go to the bank. ”Such sentences have become classics in career counseling for branded parents. But some of them also find fulfillment off the beaten track. Source: www.fotolia.com © Andrey Popov # 48875039

Nurse, insurance salesman, mechatronics technician - these are all everyday jobs that everyone knows and for which the area of ​​responsibility is quite clear. But there are also jobs that not everyone has heard of. Either because they are less in demand, have evolved over the years or have a really strange character. Some of them follow the motto “somebody has to do it”, with others one wonders who has ever chosen the job as a profession.


The mastermind is by no means the initiator of all evils, who skilfully holds the strings in hand, but a real, recognized training occupation. Wire pullers learn the production of wires and cables that are used in industry for stabilization or because of their conductive properties - e.g. B. when building the Golden Gate Bridge: A total of 129,000 kilometers of wire were used here. The "pulling" of the wires from the raw material is fully automatic, but the process still has to be monitored in order to improve the quality by adding chemicals in case of doubt. After the two-year apprenticeship, a gross salary of around EUR 1,900 per month is attractive, a master craftsman receives between EUR 2,500 and 4,300 - so further training is worthwhile.


Anyone who has ever been to the casino or has watched a film in which a casino is the setting knows a croupier. The finely dressed men and women sit behind the roulette, blackjack and poker tables and represent the bank across from the guests. This puts them in a field of tension between the authority of the bank and the sympathy of the guests, who must not lose them - empathy is the be-all and end-all - in addition to an impeccable appearance and a correspondingly flawless etiquette.

What is also required are a polite, relaxed and confident demeanor, the ability to make contacts and traces of an entertainer, as it is always about keeping guests at the table for as long as possible. Those who do not have excellent mental arithmetic and do not have an exceptional number memory usually do not even need to apply to casinos for the four to eight-month training course. Only a few applicants also pass the final examination at the end, again only some of them withstand the workload and remain in the profession permanently.

Croupiers are paid according to a very specific tariff system: in addition to a minimum salary, which varies depending on the casino and the croupier's position, the relevant part of the salary consists of the so-called Tronc money - the tip that guests give the croupier in the event of a Leave profit.

Drug Beagle Service

Parents best friend? Anyone who fears that their own pupils will consume drugs can hire a professional "snoop". Source: www.fotolia.com KunstundKultur.org # 131709181

What at first sounds like a branch of the local police force is a private service that parents can turn to if they are concerned that their offspring will get on the wrong track. On request, the service provider comes by with his four-legged sniffer - who then examines the children's room for drugs. There is nothing so strange in Germany? Not even close. A dog handler in Krefeld offers this service for 45 euros - the four-legged friend searches for an entire apartment of around 120 m² for 95 euros. Certainly there will soon be professional imitators.


One or the other knows the visit to the fair in the ghost train and the moment when your heart slips into your pants because suddenly a living monster appears out of nowhere. Professional horrors hang around in ghost trains and horror rooms, disguise themselves as mummies, vampires, monsters or zombies and wait for visitors to pass by until they appear to emerge from nowhere at the right moment and make them fearful with loud rumbling. The make-up artists ensure the right outfit. However, people who want to make other people happy with their job and who want recognition should look for another job.

Food stylist

Food stylists do what has become a popular hobby full-time: arranging and photographing meals. Source: www.fotolia.com © Rido # 111136989

The eye always eats with you. While the chef in the restaurant ensures that the food on the plate is presented as vividly as possible, a food stylist takes care of the job for commercials, cookbooks or films. A few tricks are required to ensure that food looks as tasty as possible and attracts potential customers directly to the supermarket. Sometimes the professionals just make dummies. This is why chefs, confectioners and nutritionists have very good opportunities to start - although a minimum of photographic talent is certainly not a mistake and a good feel for colors and shapes is also important. Since it can sometimes take a long time for everyone to be equally enthusiastic about the result, a good helping of patience is not a bad thing. With around 80 food stylists who take care of the beautification of food and drink in Germany, the professional field is quite manageable.

Glass eye maker

In technical jargon, the glass eye maker is called an ocularist. His job is to make eye prostheses for people who have lost their eyes for various reasons. You can't see anything with a glass eye, but it should look as natural as possible. In a six-year training course, the budding ocularists learn a mixture of medical knowledge, manual skills and the right way to deal with customers.

Fortune cookie writer

It doesn't always have to be whole novels. Short texts - such as fortune cookie sayings - are also widely used. Source: www.fotolia.com © slonme # 92542125

Fortune cookies have been a part of a Chinese meal since time immemorial. But who writes the useful wisdom of the many biscuits? There are special authors for this. In addition to Wonton Food, the market leader in fortune cookie production, other teams of authors come up with clever sayings. Almost nobody knows that the fortune cookie tradition does not come from China, but from Japan.

Golf ball diver

There is one or the other water hazard on every golf course. Amateur golfers in particular accidentally sink one or the other ball in the cool water. The golf ball diver takes advantage of this: He descends into the water in search of the lost balls - which are then polished up and sold on at a bargain price. What sounds like a rather boring job not only requires good diving skills, but also a good dose of fitness: There are numerous creepers in the waters, which quickly become doomed for the diver if he gets caught in them.


Whether it's an Oscar or a challenge cup - there is an engraving everywhere that reminds you of what the prize was awarded for. Responsible for this is an engraver who creates all kinds of inscriptions with the highest precision, or at least knows how to set the VNC milling machine exactly. In addition to design skills, manual skills are required, as is a love of detail and precision. Those with these qualities have the best prerequisites for the three-year training.

Industrial climbers

Climbing is pretty trendy right now. However, recreational sport has little to do with professional industrial climbers. They carry out assembly, maintenance and cleaning work on facades, bridges, churches or wind turbines at great heights. The job is further training for building cleaners, craftsmen and technicians who literally aim high. In courses lasting several days, the aspirants learn the necessary climbing techniques and all the important details about occupational safety. Absolute prerequisite for employment: a head for heights.

Paint laboratory technician

Whether in the kitchen cupboard, car or bicycle: Numerous surfaces are coated with varnish for protection. A paint laboratory technician makes it. In the laboratory he is entrusted with the formulation, manufacture, application and testing of coating materials and systems for all possible types of surfaces. In addition, paint lab technicians learn how to best apply the different paints, what hardening properties they have and what contributes to corrosion protection. Because a great deal of chemical knowledge is required and there is a wide range of different paints in the world, the training lasts 3.5 years, in addition to mathematical and chemical knowledge, above all care and accuracy are required.

Living scarecrow

It doesn't always have to be straw and wood - scarecrows are also alive. These make an indispensable contribution to flight safety. Source: www.fotolia.com © memorystockphoto # 131154937

This is not about a stuffed straw doll standing in the field to drive away the crows, but about a profession that officially calls itself a specialist in biological flight safety. The place of use of these living scarecrows is the airport, where it ensures that birds do not even settle in the first place. Birds are extremely dangerous for air traffic: If a swarm gets into the aircraft's turbine, this can lead to a crash or, at best, an emergency landing. The job must be carried out responsibly.

Mushroom advisor

Every year amateur mushroom pickers die because they have eaten the wrong mushrooms, some of which look confusingly similar to their edible relatives. To prevent this from happening, the mushroom expert advises private individuals on the edibility of mushrooms. In addition, controls at markets, lectures and excursions around the mushroom belong to the areas of responsibility of the mushroom expert. In addition to a great deal of specialist knowledge, one of the prerequisites for employment is the ability to deal well with people. The training and the final exam are carried out by the German Society for Mycology.

Professional attendee

Not only popular with technology freaks on the hunt for the latest equipment - professional attendants also secure valuable places to take part in meetings for lawyers and lobbyists. Source: www.fotolia.com © mirpic # 36064448

On a professional level, a line-standing agency in the USA arranges the queues, who mainly queue up for lawyers, lobbyists and politicians in order to get a seat at public congress sessions. But even here in Germany there have been offers like this one or the other time - e. B. when the MoMA exhibition was a guest in Berlin in 2004. With waiting times of up to 12 hours, it was definitely worth hiring a placeholder. The job is paid like the average student job salary, but there are certainly more strenuous ways to earn money than by sitting (or standing) around.

Puppet doctor

There are now entire shops that are rented by doll doctors to get old and broken dolls back in shape. The employers are mainly museums and private collectors who are giving their precious pieces a makeover. With some craftsmanship they sew, mend and stuff holes and clean and paint the dolls so that they look like new again and shine and shine for a long time on the proud owner's shelf.

Speech trainer

Germany is a country with a wide variety of dialects - some of which hardly understand each other. So the Frisian with the Low German and the Bavarian surely have the greatest difficulties understanding - if it weren't for the speaker trainer who teaches people perfect High German when the sympathetic dialect is out of place. In addition to training in dialect-free German, the professional ensures clear and distinct pronunciation.

Shout coach


Shouting is the name of the "vocals" in hardcore and some varieties of metal music. For laypeople, the roar with tendencies towards incomprehensible grunts seems a bit strange - but has been part of this music since the beginning. Teaching the right technique and breathing has now become a source of income for a singing teacher from Aachen. The professional earns his money by showing future rock stars how they can shout the sounds with a lot of staying power and without accidents.


If you want to save yourself the uncomfortable conversation to end a relationship, hire a break-up maker. Source: www.fotolia.com © romankosolapov # 129723501

In his film of the same name, Matthias Schweighöfer brought the end-maker into the public eye as the appropriate counterpart to the date doctor. What seems very strange at first, also exists in real life. An agency takes over the separation for people who no longer want to be with their partner.


Demolition masters are used in different areas of responsibility: Sometimes it is a matter of blasting away chunks of field in quarries for further extraction of raw materials, sometimes they are involved in the disposal of ordnance in order to specifically detonate duds or other elements. Those authorized to blast, as the demolition masters are officially called, are particularly well-known for the precise demolition of buildings. Especially in densely built-up areas, everything has to go according to plan; a house must not simply run around uncontrollably. The necessary knowledge of how this works properly can be learned while working at the Dresden explosives school, the quarry trade association in Langenhagen or the trade association for the construction industry.

Crime scene photographer

The crime scene photographer appears in almost every crime novel at the scene of the crime. While other professional photographers take photos of romantic nature photos or weddings, this species is dedicated to the dark side: At the scene of a crime, he photographs all traces and clues that can help to clear up the matter later. In the course of securing evidence, he is one of the first at the crime scene to capture shoe marks, cartridge cases and murder weapons in a picture before other people are allowed to touch and move the found objects.

Underwater welder

Welding is a sweaty affair in the truest sense of the word. However, the requirements are even higher under water. Source: www.fotolia.com © motorradcbr # 116192751

Most of the people are familiar with the profession of welder: he joins metal parts under the influence of great heat and with a lot of sparks. But what if the areas to be welded are below the surface of the water? You can also weld here - on ship hulls, port facilities, drilling rigs or other underwater systems. Welders who have additional training as professional divers can, for example, register for a three-week advanced training course at the “Welding Training and Research Institute” in Hanover.

Warm upper

Every TV show has them, hardly anyone sees them - the warm upper. It is no coincidence that at certain times the audience on TV shows applauds frenetically or bursts into laughter as if on command. Warm-upper raise the mood of the audience even before the show - with jokes, games and training for real applause. So hardly anything can burn during the broadcast. What is needed here are real entertainers who are not afraid of making a fool of themselves in front of a large crowd.

Other unusual professions

The list of unusual occupations could go on and on - especially since some jobs only seem very subjectively bizarre. Even though our list contains quite a few student jobs, there are still numerous apprenticeships that fit into the category of rare or unusual jobs:

  • Bookbinder
  • Undertaker
  • brewer
  • Woodwind instrument maker
  • Musical performer
  • Tanner
  • Diamond grinder
  • Thermometer maker
  • distiller
  • Gilders

And in other countries?

Exceptional jobs are not only found in Germany. All over the world there are bizarre ways to make money.

Around ten million people live in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. At rush hour at the latest, heavily congested streets and exhaust fumes are a major problem. In order to contain the problem at least a little, there is the rule that cars must be filled with at least three occupants in order to be allowed to drive.Since this does not always work without tutoring, a complete business field has developed from it: people are now offering their services as passengers to fill up the cars.

Many a large hotel complex in the South Pacific would not want to do without the exotic flair of the coconut palm trees. But it is not without danger when a coconut falls from a tree and hits a person. For this reason, some hotels have now switched to employing an employee who climbs up on the palm trees several times a day and removes loose nuts so that they land safely on the ground.

How do all the people fit into the Tokyo subway? Quite simply, they are literally pushed in by trained staff. Source: www.fotolia.com © kasto # 96292614

Sociable people are especially in good hands in Tokyo. Here people in uniforms stand at the subway, whose job it is to push people into the train as oshiya (train pushers). At rush hour, at least 30 more people can fit into the train than actually fit in - while the pull handles on the empty platform wait for the next train.

Some English counties have commissioned swan counters to look after the welfare of the animals and to examine the noble animals for injuries. Incidentally, not a job that is only available abroad: Hamburg also has an official swan officer who looks after the animals, brings them to winter quarters in winter and back to the Alster in spring.

The Netherlands is known for its bikes, as well as for its canals and canals. Which sometimes seems to be an unfavorable combination - professional bicycle anglers bring around 15,000 bicycles out of the water every year with a crane ship.


The list of exceptional professions is long. Anyone striving for a job that regularly arouses amazement and interested inquiries will surely find something that suits their very personal skills and interests - without having to travel halfway around the world. Thanks to the minimum wage, at least one basic salary can be earned with every bizarre job.