How are the people in Bangkok


Thailand is located in Southeast Asia on the Gulf of Thailand. Most of the country is on the Indochinese Peninsula. The narrow, southern part of the country is part of the Malacca Peninsula. If you look at Thailand on the map, the shape of the country is a bit reminiscent of an elephant's head.

The landscape of Thailand is very varied. Many rivers cross the country and most of the people live on these rivers. Bangkok is the capital of the country. More than ten million people live here. Most of the people in Thailand are Tai.

Most of the people in Thailand are Buddhists. The majority of the Malays in southern Thailand are Muslim. There are also very few Christians and a few Hindus. The official language in Thailand is Thai.

Tourism is a growing industry in Thailand. In terms of industry, the automotive industry is particularly important, the electronics industry and also the textile industry.

69.6 million people live in Thailand. 10 percent of them live in the capital Bangkok. 75 out of 100 people are Thai. The Thai group is not uniform. Depending on the region, there are sub-groups that speak their own dialect. 14 out of 100 inhabitants are Chinese. Malays live mainly in the south of Thailand. They make up 4 percent of the population. Then there are the hill tribes in the north of the country. The Hmong or the Karen belong to them.

Many people fled to Thailand from the neighboring state of Myanmar when it was still ruled by a military government. As Thailand's economy is growing, the country is a magnet for people from neighboring Laos or Cambodia. This is how many migrants live in the country, the number of whom is not exactly known. Many also live there illegally and mostly have no rights.