What's best for my website

Create your own website: more than just your business card on the Internet

7. Conclusion: Creating a website must be taken into account early on when starting up

Regardless of whether you run a regional company with a shop or offer services on site - if your customers and potential customers cannot find you on the Internet, then you simply do not exist for them.

Business founders and young entrepreneurs should therefore think about their online strategy very early on and ideally anchor the core goals in the business plan. Even if the start-up phase is usually very intense, one should pay attention to the important communication channel Internet. But remember: a company website is not an end in itself and certainly not a sure-fire success if it is to be used as a powerful weapon for customer acquisition. It applies to the sidealwaysto keep up to date with regard to the content and technical perspective. Ultimately, above all, potential customers have to be enthusiastic about the latest information and ideally be bound for the long term. Since search engine optimized websites sustainably promote the image as well as the awareness and thereby the customer acquisition becomes significantly more efficient, investments in this area are recommended.

If your budget does not allow you to commission an internet agency with the creation of a professional website, homepage builders are an initial alternative. However, you should only use them for the first time. Once the cash flow is correct, you should create a professional company website with the help of experienced professionals.

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

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