Why does my girlfriend grieve me

Am I responsible for my girlfriend's debts?

Good day,

my girlfriend has to pay off loan installments of 400 euros a month for another 12 years.

We can't move in together without getting married, she and her people want that. And as the situation is, she doesn't want to go on anymore.

Now I stand there and I am totally unsure whether I would be taking a big financial risk by getting married. I have read that I am not liable for your debts in the marriage, but the money is still missing from the household money.

So 400 euros per month are less available.

The housing allowance for them is then gone.

This will certainly limit my usual standard of living.

In 20 years I have saved money in contrast to her and could perhaps pay off the debt to save more than 20,000 euros in loan costs. Because I don't want to live with debt even if it's your debt.

But how do I get my money back in the event of a divorce?

Her lifestyle leaves her with no money and apart from her clothes, make-up, costume jewelry and household items, she has next to no possessions.

If my girlfriend becomes unemployed in the event of a marriage and her account is totally overdrawn so that her loan installments cannot be paid, what happens then? As a husband, do I have to stand up for it?