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MBA admission requirements and letter of motivation

5. The letter of motivation - show the selection committee what you are made of

The letter of motivation should answer the core questions about the specific motivation for studying and the reason for choosing the university. In addition, the applicant should have his Describe personality, qualifications and experienceso that the admissions committee can get a better picture of him and it becomes clear why the university should choose him. The challenge is to express yourself accurately and understandably, without beating around the bush or digressing.

The structure

The Motivation letter is one formal cover letter equate and should contain your own contact details and the address of the university. The date and a subject line must also not be missing. Then you can start with the actual content, which should best be structured like a school essay into an introduction, the main part and a final part.

  1. introduction
    In the introduction you can first tell something about yourself and then explain the reason for the letter of motivation. Keep this as short as possible.
  2. Bulk
    The main part will begin with explaining your Motivation for the MBA degree initiated. You also explain why you chose this university of all places. In addition, you can Your goals and expectations that you associate with the MBA program, reveal. Here you can make it clear which qualifications you have to achieve your goals and what may differentiate you from other applicants.
    See that Motivation letter as your stage on which you can highlight your strengths. Make sure that you do not write down a simple list, but always give examples and successes achieved. This makes your assertions more believable and based on experience.
  3. Enough
    Finally, a final sentence is sufficient in which you say that you are looking forward to feedback and say goodbye.

General tips:

  • The letter of motivation should not exceed two A4 pages
  • Find out in advance about the exact requirements of the university
  • To stand out, do not use empty phrases or empty phrases
  • It is better to be precise than to embellish the text
  • Pick up specific facts about the university that you are particularly interested in

A MBA degree requires a lot of motivation, discipline, resilience and the ability to work in a team. Before you get one MBA degree and start your studies, you should think critically about all the necessary points.

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