How do musical instruments vary the pitch?

Change the pitch of an audio region in Logic Pro

You can transpose the pitch of an audio region in semitone steps and fine-tune it in cent steps.

You can transpose or fine-tune the pitch of audio regions in already recorded tracks to match the pitch of the instruments in the project. For example, if you've changed the key of a project, some existing vocal tracks may no longer fit.

  1. Select a region in the tracks area.
  2. Click the Information Window button in the control bar or press the I key on your keyboard.
  3. If necessary, click the triangle symbol next to the respective region in the information window to display the region parameters. Alternatively, you can use Option-R to open the information window for the relevant region in a new window.
  4. Apply either "Transpose" or "Fine-tune" to an audio region:
    • To choose a preset value, click the Transpose or Fine-Tune pop-up menu and choose one of the preset values.
    • To set a user-defined value, click in the "Transpose" or "Fine-tune" field and set the desired value by dragging with the mouse.

The audio region in the track area and in the audio track editor shows in semitone steps how far you are transposing the region. If you change the pitch during playback, you can hear the changes immediately.

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