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Sunday 26th October 2014

Fan meeting - Hamburg

Hey :)
I have just read that a fan meeting will take place in Hamburg on November 1st (Saturday) at 2 p.m. The meeting point should be in front of the town hall and it would be good if you could bring money for pizza, flags (from Australia and Germany), posters and general 5SoS fan articles.
All of this is also shown below in the photo.
Which of you will go? :)
Lg. Janina ♥


Hey :)
Since I'm very often asked when new chapters of the fan fictions 'Disconnected' and 'Unpredictable' will be released, I wanted to clarify this here. :)
I'm really sorry to say that, but the stories will probably not continue until next year as I want to finish the 'Long Way Home' story first. : /
But don't worry, sooner or later all fan fictions will continue to be written, but I just can't do it all at once.
I hope that was understandable now and you are not too disappointed.
Lg. Janina ♥

Saturday 25th October 2014

Long Way Home - Chapter 11

The next morning I didn't want to get up at all. I was just too bummed by what had happened. However, I was woken up by my stupid cell phone. If only I had turned it off.
Cait, please give me a chance to explain. I know it sounds totally stupid, but it really isn't what it looked like, believe me!
Just give me 5 minutes. Then you can send me away again right away.
I can understand that you don't want to answer me, but I'll worry if you don't write back. You are really important to me and that's why we have to talk too.
I didn't even want to open the other messages. It always said the same thing anyway: we have to talk, I'm worried blablabla. He could put his excuses anywhere else and he didn't have to worry either. I got along very well without him (okay maybe not quite).
All Saturday I had just hunkered down in my room and killed the time doing some trivial thing. Every now and then my father would ask me if I would like to do something with him, but I kept refusing. He probably still felt guilty about the incident and wanted to make it up to him now. Or maybe he just understood that he had neglected me all these years. Well, what the heck. I didn't feel like doing anything with him anyway. I just told him that I wasn't feeling well.
But on Sunday I just couldn't stay home anymore. I wasn’t allowed to let myself down like that and besides, I wasn’t used to doing nothing all day long. So I decided to take a walk through the park. That was really good for me. The sun was high in the sky, I heard the birds chirping and there were hardly any people to be seen far and wide. So I could concentrate on myself and relax - it was wonderful. I finally sat down on a red bench. I pulled my legs up against my body and buried my face in my knees, which I clutched in my arms. Suddenly I felt someone sit down next to me and put their arm around my shoulder. I looked up cautiously and saw Ashton's face. "If Finn has sent you, you can leave right away," I said and turned away from him. “Nobody sent me. I don't like what he's done myself. ”I had never expected this answer in my life, which is why I looked at him confused. And then something totally crazy happened: I leaned against his chest and let him close. I didn't even really know him, but something told me I could trust him.