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Back to "normal" school operations

Back to "normal" school operations

Classroom, - (n.) - the room in which lessons take place in a school

Measure, -n (f.) - something you do to achieve a goal

Scope, perimeters (m., Mostly singular) - here: the crowd

Mask requirement (f., Singular only) - the obligation to wear a piece of cloth in front of your mouth

Hygiene regulation, -en (f.) - the rule concerning cleanliness

ventilate - here: open windows or doors so that fresh air comes into the room

Cohort, -n (f.) - here: a group of people who have something in common or do something together

to divide someone into something - here: make several smaller ones out of a larger group

Grade, -n (f.) - the group of all students who are of the same age

Area, -e (m.) - an area

to | hold on - be somewhere

to spread out - here: become more; be present in an ever larger area

from | to wait - here: do nothing, just wait for something to change

Infection, -en (f.) - here: the fact that you got an illness

Clinic, -en (f.) - the hospital

German Medical Association (f., Singular only) - the organization that looks after the interests of doctors in Germany

Education (f., Singular only) - here: everything that has to do with people learning something (e.g. school knowledge)

mentally - in a way that has something to do with people's feelings and thoughts