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Ford EcoSport: Mini-SUV in the shadow of the Puma

Mini-SUVs are still the big hit in Germany. The Ford EcoSport also benefited from this for a long time. But the competition is growing, also internally. What can the current EcoSport generation do against it? Data, pictures, test results

  • Ford EcoSport is available from 18,190 euros

  • The drive: EcoBoost petrol engine in three output levels

  • Lots of space for occupants and luggage, but impractical rear door

At first, the little Ford EcoSport had a little hard time. When it came on the market in 2014, there were simply better offers - theThe material quality of the EcoSport was too simple for many, the ride comfort with uneven suspension is not very appealing.

Since it was fundamentally revised three years ago, it is worthwhile to take a closer look. Much has been improved, which was also necessary because the small SUV with the Ford Puma is an attractive, in-house competition got. This can be seen very clearly from the registration figures for 2020: The EcoSport was sold 11,552 times in Germany, the newcomer 20,244 times. With one reason: In terms of price, the EcoSport (from 18,190 euros) is just above its more modern brand brother (from 17,890 euros) - although it is the much older model.

The ones previously offered for EcoSport All-wheel drive versions were canceled due to lack of demand. This also applies to the diesel engines. To this end, Ford added an Active version of the EcoSport at the end of 2020, which is only offered with the 125 PS EcoBoost petrol engine.

Lots of small changes to the Ford EcoSport

Even if the current generation is not completely new, but rather goes through as an extensive revision, major improvements have been made. Especially at the front, Ford has visibly lent a hand and is now leaving the EcoSport with a high radiator grillemuch beefierappear. With two cross struts, the look is based on the bigger brothers Edge and Kuga. Thefashionable two-tone paintwork should visually spice up the EcoSport. However, the rather tough transitions between the roof / A-pillar and the bonnet don't quite fit the small SUV.

Thedashboard has been completely renewed and is based on the interior of the current Fiesta. This is no harm, because its digital instruments and the large touchscreen have also moved in, which can be easily operated via large pushbuttons. It is installed in sizes 6.5 (standard with Titanium and ST-Line) and eight inches. Only the simpler basic version has to make do with a small 4.2-inch monitor without a touch function.

You can quickly find your way around EcoSport. The control buttons for the automatic air conditioning are quite low, but they are clearly labeled. That too The instrument cluster is easy to read and the on-board computer provides all the important information at a glance.

The equipment of the top equipment line Titanium is contemporary. This also applies to the ST-Line, which is intended to appeal to sporty drivers. With both there is oneAutomatic air conditioning on boardIn addition, the EcoSport can be upgraded with xenon lights, park pilot with reversing camera, heated windscreen, leather upholstery and numerous other features. The safety package includes seven standard airbags and a new cruise control with speed limiter.

And the processing? Not a highlight. In the course of the last facelift, the top of the dashboard was foamed under - otherwise it is also included in the top model that was testedhard plastic surfaces to do. In addition, since not all edges have been carefully deburred and the cladding of the center tunnel is not firmly attached, there is no really high-quality impression despite the chic seat covers.

VW T-Cross: The Tiguan in mini format

With the VW T-Cross, the Ford EcoSport has got a new competitor. The mini-SUV is based on the VW Polo, but is significantly higher and more variable. It has a sliding back seat as standard.

Test drive with the VW T-Cross

140 hp petrol engine with good performance

Three petrol engines (100, 125 and 140 hp) are available for the EcoSport. The strongest example in the 4.10 meter long mini SUV (with spare wheel 4.20 meters) can beoverall a good job reference exhibit. It delivers a maximum torque of 210 Newton meters, brings its power to the road with vigor and looks quite lively. In addition, he remains economical even when things get down to business more quickly. In mixed operation, six to seven liters of super per 100 kilometers are realistic. The "8" before the decimal point is only visible when the little Ford is on the Autobahn has to give everything. The six-speed gearbox can be shifted without a hitch and is well graded.

TheBraking distance from 100 km / h to a standstill fails briefly in the ADAC test of the no longer available all-wheel-drive diesel with an average of 36.0 meters after an emergency stop from 100 km / h.

When it comes to comfort, the EcoSport cannot boast, he struggles with the typical disadvantages that high-powered cars bring with them. However, competitors sometimes show more care in the vote. Although the little Ford parried waves on country roads and highways with its tend to be soft design, the chassis reacts stubbornly with transverse joints, manhole covers and asphalt patches.

Ford EcoSport: Prices from 18,190 euros

TheThe trunk is large compared to the class. According to ADAC measurements, 400 liters fit in up to the trunk cover in the lower position of the variable trunk floor. Without a cover, 535 liters can be stowed under the roof. Then - with the trunk floor in the upper position - five commercially available beverage crates can be transported. In the lower position there are seven. If you fold down the back seat, the trunk holds up to 1215 liters.

That’s up frontSpace available Generously dimensioned in the class comparison. People up to 1.95 meters tall will find enough legroom, the headroom is even enough for significantly taller occupants. If the front seats are set to 1.85 meters tall, passengers up to 1.85 meters tall will find enough legroom in the rear. There is still some air over the top of the head. The interior width is generously dimensioned in comparison to the class, the sense of space is quite pleasant.

Impractical: the rear door that swings open to the side

One shortcoming, however, remained: there is still no tailgate, but onelaterally pivoting rear doorwhich makes access difficult in tight parking spaces. And aSpare wheel attached to the tailgate you might find it good on a tough off-road fellow, but it has no place in a city runabout like the EcoSport. Instead there is now a breakdown kit. Those who insist on a spare wheel (200 euros extra) can still not avoid the unsightly rear door solution.

So the EcoSport is still not completely perfect - at prices starting at 18,190 euros for the 100 hp petrol engine, it is still a attractive offer. Those who like the somewhat more rustic charm of the Active version with its increased ground clearance and additional body protection can get it from 21,890 euros.

Technical data (manufacturer information)

Ford EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoost 100

Ford EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoost 125

Ford EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoost 140


3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, 998 cm³, 74 kW / 100 PS, 170 Nm at 1500 - 4500 rpm

3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, 998 cm³, 92 kW / 125 PS, 170 Nm at 1500 - 4500 rpm

3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, 998 cm³, 103 kW / 140 PS, 210 Nm at 4400 rpm


11.9 s to 100 km / h, 170 km / h top

11.0 s to 100 km / h, 180 km / h top

10.2 s to 100 km / h, 190 km / h top

Consumption (WLTP)

5.9 l Super / 100 km, 134 g CO₂ / km

6.0 l Super / 100 km, 136 g CO₂ / km

6.0 l Super / 100 km, 136 g CO₂ / km


L 4.10 / W 1.77 / H 1.65 m

L 4.10 / W 1.77 / H 1.65 m

L 4.10 / W 1.77 / H 1.65 m

Trunk (ADAC measurement)

400 - 1215 l

400 - 1215 l

400 - 1215 l


EcoSport 1.0 Cool & Connect: from € 18,190

EcoSport 1.0 Titanium: from € 20,790, Active: from € 21,890

ST-Line from € 22,490

We liked that: Comfortable entry / exit possible, good overview thanks to the raised seating position

We didn't like that: Low payload and vertical load, sometimes cheap-looking materials in the interior

EcoSport with Honeycomb Shelf: The bee as a model

Light materials are the most important thing in car manufacturing today. The trunk floor of the EcoSport is made of recycled paper that is incorporated between two layers of thin fiberglass. The paper is processed into honeycomb-like cells - and is therefore light and strong at the same time. The so-called "Honeycomb Shelf" (honeycomb floor) should be able to carry 100 times its own weight.

Watch a film about the honeycomb floor here *

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