What is Ivanka Trump's husband doing

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In the White House: Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany got engaged

Shortly before the change of office in the USA, Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany looks back on her time in the White House and makes a surprising announcement: Michael Boulos has asked for her hand. Donald Trump's final hours as President of the United States ... more

Column: An example must be made of Trump

An angry mob stormed the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday evening German time. The growing shift to the right is responsible for the shaky democracy, says columnist Lamya Kaddor. So close to a violent overthrow was the United States ... more

US judiciary investigates: bribe for pardon?

US President Trump recently pardoned his ex-advisor Flynn. It is now known that the judiciary is investigating allegations of corruption in connection with possible pardons. Bribe for a possible pardon by ... more

Donald's ex-wife Ivana Trump: "he's not a good loser"

After the US election, Ivana Trump speaks up. She knows her ex-husband is a bad loser. For the three children together who still live in Washington, she wishes that Donald Trump would admit his defeat. Donald Trump wants his defeat ... more

Donald Trump: Those of his family who still stick to him now

Donald Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat to Joe Biden. Trump's closest circle tries to influence him - with very different pieces of advice. After Joe Biden's victory speech, the man in the White House initially remained silent ... more

Donald Trump's Primary Adviser: The Price of Submission

Donald Trump's advisors come and go, but three close associates stayed by his side: They perform unique roles - and pay a high price for their service. Take a stroll through Washington's rich neighborhood ... more

Munich Security Conference: These are the most important people

Munich city center is cordoned off. This year's security conference is dominated by numerous international crises. This attracts prominent guests to the Bavarian capital. The security conference moves Munich for at least around 48 hours ... more

Ivanka Trump criticizes her father's policies

Donald Trump is used to taking criticism. But this time the criticism comes from within his own ranks - from his daughter Ivanka. She calls her father's migration policy a "low point". She also disagrees with his attitude towards the media ... more