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Hippies today

Perhaps you have already wondered whether there are still hippies today. In California, for example, there is a new flower children movement. Here you can find a hippie commune north of Los Angeles. These hippies of today advocate a better environment and represent a more spiritually tinged revolution. They still see the war as the basis of all evil, but also in the climate catastrophe. These hippies of today work as artists, singers, band leaders, filmmakers, but also in quite civil professions - for example as architects.

But you can also find them in India. Many of them live in Goa and in the ruined landscape of Hampas there. There you mainly meet old hippies, while younger flower children live in California. Young people in Germany are also flirting with the life of the hippies. Thousands of followers, for example, have the so-called "Goa" parties, which are celebrated in the open air in summer and represent a kind of return to Indian hippie romance.

You can still find hippies in Germany today who practice this lifestyle, for example in so-called construction trailer communities or construction trailer villages. A colorful mix of dropouts, flower children and political activists such as those who oppose nuclear power live here. Such wagon villages can be found on the outskirts of many major German cities. The hippies living there, like the flower children of the sixties, have often turned their backs on today's consumer society. Some of them try the "dropout life" but also for a limited time, for example during their studies or simply take a break, combined with a search for meaning.

You can also find hippies on the Canary Island of La Gomera today.