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Grilled fish and seafood

Fish and seafood bring more variety to the grill and taste to the plate

Which fish is on the grill?

In principle, all types of fish can be grilled, with firm meat and high-fat fish being particularly suitable. Here is a selection: herrings, sardines, mackerel, sprats, red mullet, swordfish, trout, salmon, eel, redfish, halibut, tuna, sea bream and sea bass. The size and type of cuts determine the grill method. Squids, prawns and scampi can also become delicious delicacies on the grill.


The small 1 x 1 of fish grilling
The same applies to all grilled fish and seafood: Your meat is particularly tender, cooks faster than sausage and steak and can easily dry out if the grilling time is too long and temperatures are too high. That is why the topmost rule of grilling is: To prepare fish, the rack must hang further above the embers than usual. It is also advisable to turn the food to be grilled regularly.

Small and medium-sized fish are particularly easy to prepare because they can be placed whole on the grill. It is only important that both the fish (scaled and gutted) and the grate are well oiled. This prevents the skin from sticking to the rust. Special grill baskets or fish tongs provide practical help for clamping the fish so that they do not disintegrate when turned.

Firmly fleshed fish fillets or steaks as well as shrimp and scampi can also be placed directly on the well-oiled grillage. And from smaller pieces of fish you can conjure up delicious skewers together with various types of vegetables, which can also be placed on the grill.


Tender delicacies - treat gently

Sensitive fillets that disintegrate easily are best stored in a closed piece of aluminum foil. With this method, you can also add some wine or fish stock to make the fish particularly juicy. Also important here: The film must be greased. If you love garlic, rub it in beforehand with a halved toe. For a more exotic pleasure, pieces of fish can also be wrapped in a banana leaf.


Grilled fish is cooked that quickly
To test whether the fish is done, you carefully poke it and push the meat apart. If it is strong white inside and no longer translucent, it can be served. The grilling time depends on the thickness of the fish or fillet. Pieces approx. 1 cm thick are cooked in 6 - 8 minutes, approx. 2 cm thick pieces take 8 - 10 minutes. Whole fish approx. 2.5 cm thick should lie on the grid for 10 minutes, if they are approx. 4 cm thick 10 - 15 minutes, 5 - 6 cm thick 15 - 20 minutes. Large prawns take 5 - 6 minutes with the shell and 3 - 4 minutes without the shell.


If you want to know more about sustainable fish purchasing, just look under fish stocks online or under aquaculture info.

Grilling with fish and fresh herbs

Herbs and spices add a kick to the grill
Fish and seafood add variety to the grill. And if you don't just appreciate the roasted aromas when grilling, you can score points with lots of fresh herbs, which are great for grilling fish and seafood, especially in summer. Depending on the taste, parsley, dill, tarragon, thyme, oregano, mint, basil, fennel, lemon, lime, garlic or spring onions give an extra touch.

The marinade makes the difference

Many other spices and herbs can also be used to refine grilled fish. So that their aromas are better distributed over the fish meat, whole fish are cut three to four times deep on both sides before marinating. Liquid marinades based on oil, vinegar, wine or soy sauce are best for pickling. During the marinating time of 2 - 3 hours, the food should be turned several times; So that no liquid drips into the embers afterwards, pat dry before grilling.

Alternatively: herb butter

If you don't have time to marinate, you can pepper the incisions with herbs, lemon or lime wedges. The incisions can just as easily be filled with seasoned butter. In this case, however, the fish must cook in aluminum foil so that the melting butter does not drip into the embers. Herbal butter can also be poured into the abdominal cavity, e.g. B. with a grilled sea bass. The tubes of squid are also suitable for filling with herbs for more Mediterranean flair on the grill.


And sometimes it is enough if the grilled fish is garnished with finely chopped fresh herbs. It not only tastes good, it also looks so good that everyone not only wants to eat the fish, but also want to take pictures!


The ready-made fish, fillets and fish skewers, which are available at the fishmonger's or at the fish counter, are also a quick treat. And the range of prepared fish and seafood for grilling is also growing in the self-service counters.