When were you happiest today?

Translation of "Du Gl├╝ck" in English

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You happy have their own horse.
You happy. Mrs. Aston had a rather complicated ...
Mrs. Aston's had a rather difficult ...
You happy, I'm all green with envy.
You happy don't have to go to school.
You happy. Why are you up so late?
But you happy can soon enjoy your feast.
If you happy, have positive thoughts, you can reduce the stress for you and your child.
If you think happy, positive thoughts, you are more likely to reduce stress on you and your baby.
Do you think I slept soundly while you happy Family playing?
Do you think I've been in a deep freeze while you've played house?
You are traveling with your husband you happy.
"I think I'll skip math today." "You happy"Kyle said, walking into the classroom alone. He passed his friend Corey.
"Guess I get out of math." "Lucky you, "Kyle muttered and continued on to class alone. His passed his friend Corey, the pair nodding his head.
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