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Skype: camera does not work under Windows 10 - this is how you get it back on the road

Do you want to start a video call with your best buddy or even have a job interview with a distant company? This is not a problem with Skype - as long as the webcam is playing. If the camera is not working properly in Skype and the person you are talking to cannot see you (or vice versa), don't panic. In the following you will read about the causes and how you can fix the problems.

The person you are talking to cannot see you

Can you see the person you are talking to on Skype, but he can't see you? Then your Skype camera doesn't seem to be working. You can find out what causes this in the following.

Note: All instructions for setting changes in Skype refer to Skype Classic for Windows 10.

Webcam blocked or room too dark
First check whether something is standing or hanging in front of your webcam and therefore it is not transmitting a picture. Also make sure that you are really in the frame of the camera. Even a room that is too dark can make the webcam appear black. Make sure you have enough light in the room when you make a video call.

Video function is deactivated
Have you activated the video function for the current call? If the small camera icon in the lower left corner of the video chat window is crossed out, the video function is deactivated. Click the icon to activate your camera for the conversation.

Webcam blocked by another program
Another program may be using your webcam at the same time. Therefore close all applications that could use the camera, for example other instant messengers or video recording programs.

Conflict of several installed cameras
If you have multiple cameras connected to your PC, you may experience problems with Skype video chats. So check in the video settings of Skype whether the correct camera is selected for the program. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Actions in the horizontal menu bar of Skype.
  2. Choose Options ....
  3. Go to Video settings.
  4. Here you can see which camera Skype is using and change the setting if necessary.

You do not see the person you are talking to

The other way around, it can also be that the person you are speaking to can see you, but you cannot see them. There can be two reasons for this: Either there is something wrong with your video settings or with the webcam or the video settings of the person you are talking to. First, see if the problem is on your side.

To do this, check your video settings:

  1. Click in the Skype menu bar Actions and then on Options ....
  2. Go to Video settings.
  3. Is the option under “Automatically receive video and screen transmissions from” nobody If selected, the problem could lie here: This means that Skype generally does not allow the reception of video transmissions.
  4. Choose either of each or Contacts that are in my contact list out.
  5. Test again whether you can now see the person you are talking to.

If you still can't see the person you're talking to after doing this, chances are high that the problem lies with them. So ask him to check the points under “The person you are talking to cannot see you” to get to the bottom of the cause.

Data consumption of Skype video telephony while on the move

If you use Skype on the go without WiFi, be aware of the associated data consumption. This is how much data volume Skype needs:

  • When idling, Skype consumes between 0 and 4 kilobits per second (Kbit / s).
  • For calls without video, the program needs between 24 and 128 Kbit / s.
  • Video calls consume between 300 kbps and 1.5 megabits per second (Mbit / s).

For orientation: 100 Kbit / s corresponds to around 0.75 megabytes per minute.

Skype camera still not working? More tips

Even with the previous tips, you still couldn't get your Skype camera to work and still can't see the person you're talking to? Then try the other tips explained below.

Keep Skype up to date
Both interlocutors should always use the latest version of Skype. The developers regularly publish updates, for example to introduce new functions or to fix bugs. Usually, Skype will automatically notify you that an update is available. However, you can also trigger updates manually, as follows:

  1. Click in the menu bar Helpand select the item on Check for updates.
  2. If there is a new update, Skype will display a corresponding window. Click the download button to download the data you need.
  3. After the download is finished, click on Update.

Check your internet connection
If your internet connection is not stable or fast enough, it can affect video transmission in Skype. Often the video then stops, freezes or can no longer be seen at all. The background: As soon as Skype notices that the connection of a conversation partner is not stable or particularly slow, the program adjusts the video quality. Thus, Skype tries to avoid that the conversation is interrupted.

To prevent this from happening, check whether the Improve connection quality - for example by using an Ethernet cable instead of using WLAN. If only a wireless Internet connection is possible, try to get closer to the router to improve the connection quality.

Is the webcam connected correctly and the driver installed correctly?
If your camera does not work properly in Skype, the problem may be with the webcam itself. If you are using an external webcam, first check that it is connected correctly - the USB cable is firmly plugged into the computer. Also try connecting the camera to the computer via a different USB port. Sometimes that solves potential problems.

Then make sure your computer recognizes the webcam:

  1. To do this, click on the Windows symbol at the bottom left of the taskbar and then go to Settings (Gear symbol).
  2. Select the subsection here Devices and then click on Bluetooth and other devices.
  3. If your webcam is not shown here, that could be the cause of the problem. In this case, click Add a bluetooth or other device and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your webcam again.

Regardless of whether you use an external or a permanently installed webcam in the laptop - check that too the installed driver of the camera is up-to-date and install an update if necessary:

  1. Open the Device managerfor example, by entering “device manager” in the search bar next to the Windows icon - it will then be displayed in the search results.
  2. Click the little arrow to the left of "Audio, Video, and Game Controllers". A list of connected devices opens, including your webcam.
  3. Right-click your webcam name and select Update driver software.

You can usually easily track down camera problems

If you cannot see the person you are talking to during a video call, the webcam and the settings associated with it are often to blame for the problems. Whether a conflict between different installed cameras, incorrect video chat settings or an outdated version of Skype - often there are only subtleties that you can check and adjust. With the tips shown, you can fix the cause quickly and easily and get the video image running again when you skype.

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