Fortune telling is a real thing

I asked fortune tellers to contact my nonexistent dead sister

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I was 13 years old when my mother dragged me and my brother to a "medium". We visited our family in Malaysia and somewhere between several palm oil plantations was the house of an old woman who claimed that Buddha was through her During the hours of procedure, my mother was really enthusiastic, although the old lady actually just rolled her eyes up so much that you could only see the white, and in the process made absolutely banal statements in a deep voice that applied to everyone this world could have been true (examples: there are ants in front of our house or our grandmother is old and frail) Because I was also totally into Harry Houdini (who spent the last years of his life exposing clairvoyants and human media) and my teenage fear made me hate everything my parents liked, this experience led me to believe that such people were just cheating who pull money out of their pockets from vulnerable and desperate people with poor acting.

My attitude towards these fortune tellers has not really changed much since then, but I also consider myself an open person and I like to be convinced of the opposite of my views if I am presented with conclusive arguments and sufficient evidence. What if there is something to the whole subject of the supernatural medium? Perhaps my mother just picked a bad representative of this profession. What if she just asked the wrong questions? What if just plain Malaysian fortune tellers are pretty dubious? I mean, so many people have turned to human media for so long now, there must be something to it, right?

These questions had been floating around in my head for a while, but it was only now that I really made up my mind to look for answers. Inspired by Houdini, I created a simple test that I could use a few times to find out if anyone was really in tune with the truths of the universe: When I invent a dead sister and then ask some fortune tellers to contact her How many will then immediately realize that I'm actually just talking nonsense?

I have no sister and I am the oldest child of my parents. So I figured that inventing a big sister would not allow any energies or whatever these people were feeling. And then "Emily" was born — her birthday was January 31, 1990, she died in a car accident on June 2, 2014, and her boyfriend, who was driving the car, was also killed.

A quick internet search gave me a long list of psychics and media in my area, and four of them responded directly to my request. It could start.

My first session was on the phone - the advertisements said that a first brief trial consultation would cost nothing. The woman on the other end of the line asked me my full name, date of birth, and Emily's date of birth. I gave her all the information and almost immediately afterwards she told me that Emily wanted to tell me this: She is in a nice place and is taking care of our family. She wants me to be happy too. However, my satisfaction seems to be temporary ( Note: Aren't all emotions temporary?).

Could the medium tell me how to become happy? Or at least what stands between me and real satisfaction?

No, but she can definitely see a satisfaction-destroying darkness surrounding me.

How is Emily doing?

She is fine. She doesn't want me to worry about her. But there's something going on here. How is my love life doing?

"Not so good," I answered honestly.

Could I do better in terms of love, satisfaction, and success?

"Well, actually, right?"

Apparently I am destined to be rich and successful, but no matter what I do, something is always pointing me in the wrong direction. For $ 250 plus the cost of two candles and a crystal, she could put a protective ring around me — and I'd see progress in three to seven days.

The conversation ended shortly thereafter.

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The second consultation was also free and was done by email. I didn't even know that something like this was even possible. Ten minutes after my request, including my name, the name of my "sister" and the cause of her death, I received the reply e-mail. Although we were now communicating differently, Emily was still doing well - actually more than well:

“On the other hand, it's a little different than expected, but she's still pretty happy and sees things with completely different eyes now. I feel that she was one of the 'wilder' kind of person ", medium number two wrote to me. She went on to say that Emily would mention something about clothes and I then told her that she and I had exchanged necklaces once.

“She says you don't need to worry about her, she is fine. She is always with you. She wants you to live your life and be happy, "said the answer.

While these statements were still vague, it was the most detailed description of Emily yet. The Houdini in me jumped in the air. Two out of two.

To make it harder for me and easier for the human media (it's one thing to fool on the phone or email, but quite another, to lie straight to a person's face), I decided to meet the closest representatives in person to meet — who knows, maybe in mail sessions it just isn't possible to establish a strong enough spiritual connection or spot enough clues to my lie. This time I also looked for people who were charging money for the sessions (maybe they are better?) And ended up with a $ 20 medium and a $ 40 medium. Both instructed me to bring a photo of Emily. I just took the Facebook profile photo of a (lively) friend and off I went — armed with Emily's life story and a few years of school theater experience — to the third supernatural session of the day. At that point I was almost hoping that I would be exposed because the whole thing was somehow way too easy.

Medium Number Three's studio was in a small suburban mall and was crammed with the classic supernatural decor that makes graphic designers think of suicide — piercing purple signs with all-capital yellow text and neon crystal balls. I ran up a bright red staircase and entered a purple room (the same color as the signs) where a woman wearing a tank top and sweatpants sat smiling at a small table. I sat down across from her and let the crazy mixture of different works of art work on me: A small tapestry with Jesus and his disciples as a motif and several Buddha statues.

She asked me for Emily's photo and I gave her my cell phone. She looked at the screen and told me to give Emily's full name and date of birth. Then she looked me in the eye. My heart slipped in my pants. Did the look on my face give me away? Immediately afterwards everything was back to normal, because the medium told me that she could sense Emily's presence and that my "sister" would be happy. Emily has "developed" and is now my guardian angel.

I really had to pull myself together not to laugh out loud. With an effort to keep my face serious, I asked in a sad voice if Emily was angry about her death.

No, said the medium, because their time had come. During the eight-minute session, she repeated several times that this was how Emily's death had to come. Emily was sad to have left me behind, but she is in a beautiful place now and is also the reason why I can feel something supernatural in my home (she's watching over me and I should try to be with her talk). I now also know that the soul hangs around the earth for six weeks after death. That's why I dreamed of her so often after Emily's accident.

The fourth and last medium came to our meeting at home 30 minutes late because the woman did not expect so much traffic (actually I should have smelled the roast here). She charged the most money for the session, but in return I got a 45-minute consultation — both on Emily and my future. And this advice should play in a completely different league in terms of experience and entertainment than my previous encounters with fortune tellers.

Medium number four came across as very motherly, constantly called me "sweetheart" and protested again and again how sorry she would be for my loss. She established contact with Emily with a mixture of prayers and coffee grounds readings. She prepared a small one for me Cup of Turkish coffee and after I had finished, she placed the saucer on the cup. I then had to hold the whole thing and move my arms in a circle three times. Then I turned the dishes upside down and put them on the table. Then I placed that Medium a blue glass cube with white circles on all six sides on the upside down mug and told me to put my finger on the cube and make a wish. I did and she asked me for the photo of Emily. I handed her mine Handy and she put a small statue of a Turkish philosopher and an angel snow globe in front of me, I was supposed to hold these two things while praying while she was using her laptop turned on and played weird reverb-heavy New Age music (a man and a woman talked about being drunk with love - unfortunately not in Beyonce style). She then asked Emily to show herself to me.

After ten minutes of trying not to laugh with my head bowed, the music stopped.

My supernatural counselor had her hand on my phone screen the entire time and said that she could feel the phone vibrate and that it was probably a sign of Emily's presence (a friend got me two messages around this time cleverly). She added that she too had prayed and cried (at the time I was curing a cold and sniffed a few times to keep the snot from running out of my nose). She took the statue, closed her eyes, and mumbled something to herself for 30 seconds. Then she removed the cube from the cup and picked it up. The coffee grounds had, with good faith, left a heart-shaped stain on the saucer.

"Love! There will be love in your future! And tears, "she said, shaking a few more drops of coffee out of the cup.

Here is a short summary of the predictions for my future: Two men will vie for me, I will choose one of them, be engaged in 2016, get married in 2017 and immediately afterwards have two children (a boy and a girl). My mother, who deeply affected Emily's death, will have forgotten the pain when her grandchildren are born. Emily is my guardian angel and she keeps me from all bad things. She died so young because God loves her so much and wanted her with him. She is completely dressed in white and is dancing through the sky with her boyfriend. However, I have a long life ahead of me. This summer I can take it easy, because in September I'll be offered a full-time job (I'm already working full-time) that is still well paid. In addition, I am not just some unimportant employee there, but also get on pretty high up.

Emily wants me to be happy, but now she needs a little rest herself. It is important to think about her and talk to her. However, one should not deal further with their death, because it is harmful to health. For the first time I could begin to understand how going to a medium can help some people. My counselor hugged me a few more times and when I was about to leave, she concluded with me: "Life is a gift."

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As much as I liked Medium Number Four, she was the fourth person out of four to have allegedly made contact with a nonexistent Emily. My 13 year old felt validated. Houdini would have been proud of me.

I still couldn't really believe that I had successfully tied a bear to four fortune tellers. I decided to send a message to all four women confessing everything. I wanted to know how they would react to the fact that they had pretended to have made contact with a non-existent person.

Medium number one: “There is a supernatural being who wants to tell you something. But why do you even do that? "

Medium number two just meant that my lie became pretty obvious with the necklace story.

Medium number three called me shortly after the message was sent. She said that she read the photo and just told me what she had learned about the picture: The person pictured is happy. That doesn't necessarily mean that she thought the young woman in the picture was Emily. Even when I asked about the part with the Guardian Angel and the further development, she stuck to her opinion.

“Reading a picture tells me what was going on in a past life and what is going on in this life. So if I am told that she was your Guardian Angel at some point, then she was a Guardian Angel too, "she said. Then she added that our session was just imprecise anyway because I wasn't serious from the start. Me I came in with an energy that affected my sister and she could feel it. My behavior was not decent and she is now calling other fortune tellers to warn them about me. Finally, she told me about how she did it Passed test by other skeptics and offered me yet another session where she would uncover secrets that not even my closest friends know about. I declined with thanks.

I am not entirely sure whether medium number four really understood my confession: “Well, my dearest, you have a sister and she is protecting you! And of course she loves you too ... Take care and meditate. And again: I'm terribly sorry for your loss. "

I don't think any of these women poked me on purpose. I am sure that they really believe in having the ability to communicate with dead people and influence the lives of their customers. But even so, no one of four fortune tellers — people who claim to have supernatural abilities and know some higher truth — never noticed that I was confronting them with a fictitious story. Maybe that's because I picked the cheapest ones that I found after a quick internet search. Maybe I'm such a good liar that (as Medium Number Three suggested) I managed to generate enough spiritual energy to really bring Emily to life. There is also the explanation that everyone knew what was going on - but they just didn't care (after all, I paid them anyway). Maybe there is no such thing as supernatural abilities.

In my experiment I was not only shown that I am a good liar and should do the whole thing more often, but also that I was given an insight into how supernatural media work. These people are very talented at squeezing emotions out of you and making general statements that fill in the gaps yourself - you are deceiving yourself. Here is an example: The medium says that a female spirit watches over you and thinks accordingly You say: "Shit, my aunt / grandma / mother / girlfriend / cousin / sister / teacher died recently, that can only be her!" I think that many people just turn to a medium because they want it helps to cope with the fear of the unknown (i.e. death) and to give meaning and meaning to the seemingly unfair and random events in our chaotic universe. For me this is pure exploitation of emotionally weak and vulnerable people, but when you are on an afterlife and believes in supernatural powers, then I can understand how such an experience can give comfort and support Do you know if a loved one in your family, dead or alive, is doing well?

So this was my first (and probably last) foray into the world of fortune telling. I am not going to instruct anyone here not to use such services. If something like this makes you happy and you have the change, go for it. Regardless of whether you believe in supernatural abilities or not, in the end the fortune tellers always win anyway, because they also collect the money. And who knows, maybe I have a sister I don't know about and whose dates of birth and death I guessed exactly right. In this case, maybe I should work as a medium myself. I'm sure Emily wouldn't mind.

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