If you are bisexual, you are gay

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It is important not to meet other people's expectations, but to stand by who you are and what you want to be.
It's still difficult, but when my friends speak to me neutrally, I feel at home.
We are all irreplaceable individuals and we must be proud of who we are.
Thanks to my coming out, I feel strong enough today to tackle any problems and live the way I want to.
Sapere aude that there are not only men and women!
Since I came out, I've been feeling much more comfortable in myself and being part of the community is just wonderful.
I shed my lesbian identity like a piece of clothing that has become too small and today I am a very happy, bisexual woman in a polyamorous relationship.
Today I define myself as pansexual, I love people, regardless of gender.
Knowing myself better made me strong.
I know from my own experience how helpful contact with other trans people can be.
It makes me proud to be who I am.
Like most queers, I've had more than one coming out and that's okay. Over time it becomes easier and easier.
I realized that my feelings are not bad, on the contrary: They are an important part of my personality.
In-depth discussions led to the fact that I was able to put my thoughts into words and express them for the first time. That was very relieving for me.
I'm the only one who defines my sexuality, nobody else.
Thanks to the energy of my new environment, I no longer wanted to shrink and hide.
With every positive coming-out, I felt more liberated and more accepted by my surroundings.
I was able to accept that I was gay myself. That was the case then and it still is today.
The road to self-discovery was rocky, but it shaped me into the person I am today.
Today I feel good about my name, my body - my life.
Today I finally feel that I have found myself.
It's just a great feeling to be myself.
Honestly? I live great the way I am.
Being trans is the best gift I've ever received. Really.

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