What is your favorite bra and panty set

Gift guide for men

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Then you are exactly right here! Just follow the points in our gift guide and put a smile on your lady of heart's face.

1. Finding out the correct SugarShape size

First you should find out the right bra and panty size for your loved one. So that she doesn't suspect anything, it should be done secretly as possible. Maybe you can ask her inconspicuously or go on a secret mission to her laundry drawer? As we work with a special sizing system, the first thing you should find out is whether she is already wearing SugarShape lingerie.

Is she already wearing SugarShape lingerie?

Excellent! Simply write down the size of your bra and panties and order in our shop.

Little help: Our sizes consist exclusively of numbers. (Example: Bra 75 / 87.5, panties 100) With bras, the first number stands for the underbust size and the second for the chest size. The number on the panties stands for the hip circumference. Go to point 2.

Isn't she wearing SugarShape lingerie yet?

No problem! With our size calculator you can easily find the right size. When calculating the bra size you have two options: Calculation based on your measurements or calculation based on your size in the classic size system.

It is best to Underbust, the Chest circumference and the Hip circumference Measure your loved one with a tape measure. We explain how to measure correctly in our instructions.

If that is not possible, you can also calculate your SugarShape bra size based on your standard size. Just write down the bra size again.

Little help: According to the common size system, the bra size consists of a number and a letter, e.g. 80 C. The number stands for the underbust circumference and the letter for the difference between the underbust circumference and the chest circumference.

In order to calculate the perfect SugarShape size, you should find out whether the bras she is wearing fit perfectly. Examples: Is the bra pinching anywhere? Is it too big Is it too tight?)
If you are unsure about the questions in the size calculator, you are welcome to call us on 0800 600 70 50 *, write an email or write to us in the live chat. We will help you at any time.

Is all of this too complicated for you? Do you have no way of finding out the size of your loved one? Are you running out of time? No problem! Just take a look at point 4.

2. Select the lingerie set

In order to choose the right lingerie set, you should find out which color and style your chosen one likes to wear.

Our tip: Check out which colors are appearing more often in her wardrobe and which bras she wears often. If you're not sure about this, just ask your best friend or mom for advice.

Once you have found your favorite color, you can choose the right set (bra and panties). Depending on the bra, there are different types of panties to choose from: high waist panty, string panty, panty or string). If you are not sure which panty cut she prefers to wear, then simply choose our panty set.

3. Select Bra Charm

Each of our bras has a small ring attached to which various bra charms can be attached. Bra charms are small pendants with which the bra can be individualized.

Our tip: With the sweet charms you make every woman happy and you can give the bra your personal touch!

4. Voucher