Does Google spoil its employees too much

Google employees are like "spoiled kids"

In the past there have been repeated reports about the extraordinary working conditions at Google. Shuttle buses bring employees to their workplaces, where there is free food, wellness offers and medical care. Some of those who remained anonymous report on Reddit how employees feel about Google and what downsides the idyll has.

"Spoiled children"

In one thread, for example, the user "CinBoo" writes: "I've been working there for about five years. You can read about the good pages anywhere, so I'll cite the counterpoints to other software companies I've worked for." A common problem is that you get spoiled too quickly. Some offices have very high standards, and people even complain about the free brownies. "It's embarrassing to be surrounded by people who have become spoiled children," criticized "CinoBoo".

Technical support

There would also be problems in technical support. There would be a lot of people there whose job it is to keep the systems up and running. Typically, tech support staff would not carry pagers with them and would rarely be on the phone. "The good side is that they can focus on development, get enough sleep, and are more productive," says CinBoo. "The bad side is that it makes them easy to lose track of the data centers and even their customers." However, Google is already aware of this problem and is taking appropriate measures. It is also noticeable that the company tries "to generate happiness, which means that you try a lot of new things and hope that the effort pays off." But even if a project is discontinued and years of work are behind it, that does not mean that there are no bonus payments. The generous pay system would also be used for "hard work". "Overall, there are more advantages and I doubt I wanted to work anywhere else," says "CinBoo", satisfied overall. "I have the best job in the world," he assures.

Smart heads

When asked about the bright minds who only work on the search algorithm, "CinBoo" explains that he is afraid to talk to them. "They may speak in strange, mathematical hieroglyphs," the employee justifies himself. "Nostrademons" then reveals himself to be a Google employee, he works in the "Search Features" department. Every day he meets the mathematicians whom he describes as "very nice and extremely brilliant". There is a lot of interesting data and useful algorithms, but it is not yet known how to present them to users.

Not a recommendation for managers

Employee "solyanik", on the other hand, criticizes the employment relationships of managers at Google. "A classic manager has 50 to 100 employees, so even if they meet with their reports for 30 minutes once a month, that's around two weeks of one-on-one discussions per month." There is not much free time left. "Solyanik" sees another problem in the fact that managers are not involved in technical decisions. When it comes to performance appraisals, there is hardly anything to say, the Commission takes care of that. The same applies to the employment of new employees. "solyanik" says that he asked one of the older Google employees what managers were doing there in the first place. The answer: "I don't know." In summary, "solyanik" does not recommend Google to technology managers who like their job.

"Free Beer"

"GoogleEmployee22k" only praises the company. The user likes that "everyone is very clever", that there are "18 different types of coffee", as well as free breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is of the highest quality, drinks and snacks are available free of charge throughout the day. "GoogleEmployee22k" also likes the so-called "conference bikes" for up to seven people. Even the laundry of the employees is washed, soccer and basketball games take place again and again. And on Fridays Larry, Sergei or Eric always come to ask questions in person, "we also get free beer." (pd)