Why has my body been longing for broccoli lately?

Soups warm the body from the inside

Those who treat themselves to a healthy soup more often provide their body with valuable vitamins and minerals - in a very simple way.

Short version:

  • Soups are the ideal meal, especially in the cold season: They warm us up to the tips of our toes and provide the body with many important vitamins and minerals.
  • Whether a soup is healthy or unhealthy naturally depends on its ingredients.

Grandma's chicken soup is good for you

Do you know that too? Anyone who is in bed with a runny nose and a fever quickly longs for grandma's good chicken soup, which she - as a sick child - enjoyed serving us so much. No wonder! The invigorating chicken soup is not only said to have healing powers, it has even been scientifically proven in the meantime.

Studies show: Chicken soup blocks the mobility of certain white blood cells in the test tube, which are involved in the development of inflammation. It is uncertain whether these results can be transferred 1: 1 to humans.

The soup also contains the protein cysteine. This has an anti-inflammatory effect and makes the mucous membranes swell. In addition, the soup provides healthy ingredients such as vitamins, iron and zinc - this supports the weakened immune system in its work.

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And: Soups provide us with plenty of fluids and warm the body from the inside. A cold-afflicted patient feels much better immediately. The hot steam also moisturizes the mucous membranes and allows you to breathe more easily if your nose is blocked.

Light and healthy

How many calories are in a soup depends on its ingredients.

A hearty stew with pasta, meat and potatoes naturally contains more fat than a clear bouillon. Cream soups with whipped cream also clearly have more calories.

Hearty recipe ideas:

If you pay attention to a slim line, you should therefore choose clear soups. A light, low-fat broth with added vegetables fills the stomach mainly with water and is very filling - with few calories.

Healthy recipe ideas:

Soup as a vitamin supplier

Soups with vegetables are good suppliers of vitamins with a relatively high nutrient density, as the minerals and vitamins that are transferred to the cooking water during the preparation of vegetables are retained in the soup. When cooking vegetables, they are often thrown away with the cooking water, which is a real waste of vitamins.

Spoon against the stress

Soups encourage a slow and conscious eating pace. If you treat yourself to a warm soup during your lunch break, you don't swallow it quickly, but spoon it with pleasure - the stress eases a little, spoon by spoon. Try it!

Cooking soup yourself pays off

Do not use ready-made products! Only those who cook their own soup really know what's inside and save the body a lot of sugar, artificial flavorings and glutamate.

And soups have another advantage: prepared at home, they are easy to take with you to work. So nothing stands in the way of a healthy lunch.

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Silke Brenner
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Dr. med. Kerstin Lehermayr

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