Why is Fortnite the most popular game

What is fortnite

Fortnite is a battle royale game published by Epic Games in 2017. It sets the player against 99 others and only one can win. In search of loot, players first fall from the sky at different locations on the map to take out their opponents. The map gradually gets smaller and the players are moved towards each other. Quite stressful, you need a cool head.

The card and special features

This "shrinking" of the map is a popular principle in Battle Royal. The whole thing happens when a ring moves towards a central point on the map in each game, i.e. contracts, and thus an ever smaller circle of the map remains playable. If you stay outside this circle, it means death.

What makes Fortnite stand out, however, is the cartoon-like graphics and colorful landscape. There's a lot to see in the quest for epic loot. Then there is the mechanics of the building structure. They allow the character to mine certain amounts of materials in order to build up their own complex structures anywhere on the map. It is these buildings that help win the game. You can also set all sorts of traps for your opponents, and that requires a strategy and a special style of play.

Does Fortnite have any other modes?

Epic Games currently has three different game modes that use the same engine with similar graphics, game mechanics and typical artwork:
• Save the World can be seen as a game in which the players work towards a common goal in several missions. The game takes place after a severe storm struck the earth that made almost the entire population disappear. In addition, the survivors are attacked by zombie-like creatures.
• Creative is a typical sandpit game mode with some similarities to the popular Minecraft game. Essentially, you can do anything you want here.
• Battle Royale is the most popular and well-known mode (see above).

Another great success of Fortnite is the fact that it is a free game. Don't rejoice too soon though, as the game contains microtransactions that have been a hot topic of discussion in the video game industry for quite some time. Not to mention that the game's sports scene is struggling. More about the world of Fortnite and everything to do with esports and gaming can be found at EarlyGame.