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Some of you may know Heinz Horrmann, the well-known gastro and hotel critic, who publishes books on the subject as well as tests hotels and occasionally has these experiences accompanied by the camera. But not only Heinz Horrmann can travel the world cheaply or even live in hotels for free. You too have the chance to prove yourself as a hotel tester. What you have to do for it and how exactly this whole thing works, I'll explain step by step.

Become a hotel tester - that's how it works

Tasks of a hotel tester

How do you become a hotel tester?

Hotel test on vacation |Conclusion

What exactly does a hotel tester do?

A hotel tester checks a hotel for quality, whereby the focus can be on different areas of the hotel. In most cases, the hotel tester should act from the point of view of a guest in order to check the service quality of the hotel and to improve it sustainably.

Hardly anyone books a hotel these days without first reading the reviews

In this case, the hotel has commissioned a hotel tester itself or has it commissioned via a service agency. This has the advantage that the hotel management receives direct feedback and can implement this if necessary. In the meantime, however, a large number of hotel testers have been commissioned by associations or travel magazines to screen popular hotels at home and abroad. Good reviews and a good reputation are essential for a hotel, because who of us still books a hotel these days without first checking the reviews on Tripadvisor? So you finally get a good insight into the service and cleanliness of the hotel.

How do you become a hotel tester?

Unfortunately, there is no classic training to become a hotel tester. But hotel testers often have a degree in tourism combined with many years of professional experience. Another option is training as a hotel manager or hotel clerk.

A hotel tester has to bring:
  • Study or training in the tourism sector
  • work experience
  • care
  • Good language skills
  • Acting skills

The advantage is that you get to know all facets of the hotel business and can apply this knowledge as a hotel tester with a trained eye on the hotel business. Many hotel chains train on a large scale, so take a closer look at the respective websites.

Skills that are important for the profession as a hotel tester

However, it is not exactly easy to be employed as a professional hotel tester. The reason for this is simple: there are very few vacancies with a comparatively large number of applicants. It is therefore essential to have many years of professional experience from an apprenticeship or academic training. The required skills are also diverse: in addition to professional experience, a very good ability to observe is essential, good language skills and acting skills are also expected. The latter are particularly important if you are used repeatedly in the same hotel and should not be recognized by the employees. With these qualities, it is that much easier Dream job as a hotel tester to be able to perform professionally once. The effort is particularly worthwhile for those of you who love to travel. Because as a hotel tester you have a privilege that you only share with very few other professions: you can travel to almost every corner of the world and get to know so many different cultures.

Can you become a hotel tester as a normal holidaymaker?

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtesting hotels while on vacation and practically not having to pay anything for the vacation sounds tempting, doesn't it? Unfortunately, as you have already read, the reality looks a lot different, because the job of the hotel tester is above all one thing: a job that needs to be done seriously. Questionnaires have to be filled out, the hotel has to be examined from top to bottom and the staff have to be tested for their service quality. The results must also be carefully documented and processed. Besides, you probably don't do justice to a job like this.

Nevertheless, from time to time even the normal holidaymakers among us have a rare chance to become a hotel tester. Travel portals like trivago or various market research institutes make it possible. In different campaigns you get the opportunity to apply as a hotel tester and to get your hotel stays at least discounted. In return, you usually write a short report that reports on the advantages and weaknesses of the hotel. At the moment I am unfortunately not aware of any hotel tester campaigns. Should there be anything new on this topic, you will of course find out directly in my travel magazine.

Conclusion: hotel testers are a dime a dozen

The profession of hotel tester is probably really a dream job. You travel the world, spend your time in various hotels around the world and don't have to pay a penny for it. But before everyone abandons their original plans for the future: Anyone who really wants to become a professional hotel tester needs appropriate qualifications and sufficient professional experience. So this path has to be carefully considered and hard-fought! It is then easier to get a taste of the job beforehand and to take advantage of the various hotel test offers. In this way, you can save a lot of money while enjoying a great vacation or city trip. If you like the job, you may have got to know your real dream job! I'll keep our fingers crossed.

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