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Biden wants to enact law on Friday : US Congress passes trillion-dollar Corona aid package

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Bidens trillions Corona stimulus package decided

The one presented by US President Joe Biden new huge stimulus package to deal with the corona crisis is a done deal. After the US Senate, the House of Representatives also approved the project worth around 1.9 trillion US dollars (around 1.6 trillion euros) on Wednesday. The House of Representatives had to deal with the bundle of measures again because there had been changes in the Senate. The parliamentary process is now complete. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that Biden would sign the legislative package on Friday to put it into effect.

The size of the pact corresponds to nearly ten percent of the annual US economic output. Many Republicans had opposed such extensive aid. Biden wants to use it to stimulate the economy and create millions of new jobs. The plan includes direct payments for most taxpayers of $ 1,400. In addition, there should be financial aid for coronavirus tests, the vaccination campaign, school openings and additional support for the unemployed. (dpa)

US Senate confirms Merrick Garland as attorney general

Merrick Garland is the new US Attorney General. The US Senate confirmed the nomination on Wednesday - 70 of the 100 senators voted for Garland. The 68-year-old has promised to exercise independence and non-partisanship in his new office and to act not in the interests of the president, but of the American people. The current federal judge also wants to give priority to the reappraisal of the attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump on the US Capitol.

Former President Barack Obama wanted to make Garland a Supreme Court judge in 2016. The personnel failed because of the resistance of the Republicans in the Senate. However, the vote on Wednesday showed that Garland enjoys non-partisan support. (dpa)

US Senate passes draft for $ 1.9 trillion in corona aid

After the US House of Representatives, the Senate also passed a bill for further corona aid with a volume of 1.9 trillion dollars on Saturday. Due to changes to the original bill, the House of Representatives will have to revisit the draft before President Joe Biden can sign it. Since its Democrats only have a small majority in the Senate - the vote was 50-49 - the Republicans were able to push through compromises in the Congress Chamber. At first it was unclear whether the House of Representatives would accept them. Biden himself finally signaled his approval.

If the package of this volume were passed, total federal corona aid in the US would add up to around six trillion dollars within a year. The Republicans have supported earlier packages. However, many of them have now stated that the additional measures are too expensive. The Republicans lost the presidency and majority in the Senate in November. According to surveys, the new package is supported by the majority of the US population. (Reuters)

FBIChief after Capitol attack - domestic terrorism metastasizes in the US

The FBI classifies the violent storming of the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump as "domestic terrorism". “This attack, this siege was criminal behavior, plain and simple. And this behavior, which we, the FBI, see as domestic terrorism, has no place in our democracy ", FBI chief Christopher Wray said at a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. The incident on January 6th "horrified" him, but unfortunately it was not an isolated event. "The domestic terrorism problem has metastasized across the country for a long time and it's not going to go away anytime soon." (dpa)

First setback for Biden when filling top positions

The new US President Joe Biden suffered a setback for the first time when his cabinet members and heads of authorities were confirmed by the Senate. He had accepted Neera Tanden's resignation as a candidate for the head of the Government's Budget Office (OMB), the President said on Tuesday evening (local time). V.Many Republicans and at least one Democratic senator had turned down Tanden's candidacy. They criticized earlier statements by Tandens, who had expressed themselves very disparagingly about leading Republicans on Twitter, among other things.

The Budget Office (OMB) is a lesser known authority, but it is very important for the functioning of the business of government is. With the withdrawal of the candidacy, Biden was spared a foreseeable defeat in the Senate vote. So far, Biden has been able to push through his candidates for ministerial posts and authorities in the Senate with a non-partisan majority. The Democrats alone currently hold exactly 50 of the 100 seats in the Senate. The Chamber of Congress must approve all top government personalities. (AFP)

Attack on ex-confidants: Trump fuels the power struggle of the Republicans

Former US President Donald Trump has a Tirade against top Republican Mitch McConnell fueled the dispute over the direction in his party. In a statement, Trump made it unmistakably clear that he sees the Republicans as black for the future if they stick to McConnell as a leading figure in the party. "The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political" leaders "like Senator Mitch McConnell at the top," explained Trump on Tuesday (local time). “If the Republican senators hold on to him, they won't win again. He will never do what needs to be done or what is right for our country. "

McConnell has been the Republican majority leader in the Senate for the past few years and one of Trump's most powerful allies. After the violent storming of the US Capitol by incited Trump supporters, however, there was a break between the two. At the same time, a dispute has raged within the party since Trump was voted out of the presidential election in November about the future direction of the party, which not only lost the White House but also control of the Senate to the Democrats.

Trump attested McConnell - who has sat in the Senate for 36 years - a lack of political understanding, and he lacks wisdom, skill and personality. He berated McConnell as "bad tempered" and as "political useless" and threatened to support McConnell's internal party rivals. According to the "New York Times" an original version of the announcement should have been even more drastic. Trump also had the idea of ​​holding a press conference. (dpa)

Biden: “I'm tired of being over Trump to talk"

US President Joe Biden no longer wants to deal with his predecessor Donald Trump. "I'm tired of talking about Trump," said the 78-year-old on Tuesday evening (local time) at a CNN-broadcast question time with citizens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Biden also said, "For four years all that was on the news was Trump." In the next four years - that is, during his term in office - he wants to ensure that the American people are the focus. Elsewhere, Biden only mentioned Trump as "the former guy". (dpa)

Republican voters continue to hold on to Trump

Even after storming the Capitol and the second impeachment trial many Republican voters continue to hold on to former President Donald Trump. That was the result of a poll by the US newspaper "Politico", which was published on Tuesday.

Accordingly spoke up 59 percent of Republican voters voted for thatTrump will continue to play an important role in her party in the future. For comparison: on January 7th - one day after the storming of the Capitol - this value was 41 percent. On January 25, the day before the impeachment process began, at 50 percent.

Even if a lot is likely to happen before the primaries of the next presidential election in 2024, the ex-president beats all other potential Republican candidates in the current poll. 53 percent of Republicans would vote for Trump if the primaries took place today. (Tsp)

Pelosi announces commission of inquiry into storming of the Capitol

After this Storm on the US Capitol At the beginning of January the Democratic Chairperson of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, the establishment of a independent commission of inquiry announced. This will investigate the events and causes of the "domestic terrorist attack" on January 6th with five dead, Pelosi said on Monday (local time) in Washington.

The Commission should therefore also deal with the Action by the Capitol Police and law enforcement agencies deal with the forcible storming of the congress building. In addition, she should "examine the disturbance of the peaceful transfer of power" under the microscope, explained Pelosi. The commission is said to be similar to the one that was set up after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
Several Republicans have also called for an independent investigation into the attack on the Capitol by supporters of then-US President Donald Trump. A commission of inquiry was necessary "to find out what happened and to make sure it never happens again," said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump's closest allies, Fox News on Sunday.

The Democrats blame Trump for the violent storming of the Capitol.The elected president had called on his supporters to march on the Capitol with an insurrectionary speech and fueled the mood for weeks with false claims about electoral fraud. (AFP)

Twitter alternative Parler back online - gone offline after Capitol storm

Popular with supporters of ex-President Donald Trump and the American right Twitter alternative Parler is online again after a compulsory break of well over a month. On Monday, messages could be sent again and new accounts created. Parler went offline in mid-January after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington. The reason was that Amazon, as an infrastructure service provider, threw the platform from the servers with reference to calls for violence. At first it remained unclear who the Parler technical service provider is now.

Parler described itself as an online platform focused on freedom of speech. In reality it was a kind of Twitter copy where everything is allowed. The relatively small platform largely dispensed with regulating content and did little to counter hate speech, threats and the spread of false information. In view of the increasingly tough crackdown on calls for violence and conspiracy theories by Twitter and Facebook, more Trump supporters migrated to Parler last year. (dpa)
The statements of the seven senators, who on Saturday voted against the majority of their party with the Democrats for a guilty verdict, show the ultimate ordeal this process has put the “Grand Old Party” before. Trump critic Mitt Romney doesn't need many words to explain why he found Trump guilty.
Donald Trump's son Eric comments on the renewed acquittal of his father in an impeachment case with a short: "2–0" on Twitter. His brother Donald Junior celebrated the Senate's decision on Saturday with the words "Twice Impeachment Champion" over a photo in which the ex-president's face was mounted twice on the muscular body of Sylvester Stallone in the movie "Rocky III". His family is clearly in the mood for triumph - unlike many in the Republican Party.

Report: Bodyguards of Trump friend Stone were involved in the Capitol storm