How many people in Pakistan are unemployed

18 million unemployed?: Pakistan threatens mass unemployment through corona measures

Islamabad (dpa) - In Pakistan, over 18 million people could become unemployed due to strict curfews as a result of the Corona crisis. Economists at a state institute in Pakistan's capital Islamabad came to the conclusion. For more than two weeks, the South Asian country has been subject to a curfew, which is being enforced by the military and local authorities.

In their analysis, the researchers at the Pakistan Institute for Development Economics (Pide) examined the possible effects of the nationwide curfews on various sectors of the economy. Pakistan's day laborers in particular are threatened with a new crisis. 12 million unskilled workers could become unemployed. Agriculture is particularly threatened, the experts fear that there will be more than five million unemployed. The crisis could plunge 120 million people into poverty, said Mahmud Chalid, one of the study's authors.

In another report, the researchers examined the development of food prices. These have been stable since the corona virus spread in Pakistan with currently over 4,300 confirmed cases. However, the South Asian country has been struggling with a food crisis for months. Tomatoes, sugar and flour in particular have become more expensive since autumn 2019 as a result of delivery bottlenecks.

Although the state countered this with new crop estimates for wheat in February, the problem would persist, warns Welthungerhilfe in Pakistan. The harvest in the southern province of Sindh and in the east in Punjab is threatened by locust infestation. In addition, prices could rise as the restrictions on going out mean that there is a lack of field workers for the harvest. Information minister Firdaus Aschik Awan said that the going-out restrictions were to be eased slightly on April 14, initially in the construction industry and agriculture.

According to a recent report by the United Nations Development Program, around four in ten people in Pakistan already live below the poverty line. Factors such as education, health and standard of living are taken into account.

Study by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


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