How can I beat multiple sclerosis

You don't beat MS in a sprint

"The diagnosis of MS is not the end, just the challenge of taking a different path," Tanja knows today.


Review. September 24, 2011. The 35-year-old from Passau is hospitalized on one side. Suspected diagnosis: stroke. Five days later it is clear: She has not only a hole in the heart, but also lesions in the brain and spinal cord from the neck to the level of the thoracic vertebrae. “You have MS. Multiple sclerosis, ”says the neurologist. Your friend bursts into tears. Tanja stays calm and wishes the doctor "have a nice day" when they say goodbye. Maybe that's the shock. Perhaps the confident serenity of a fighter who trusts herself and life. The hardest thing for her is to see her husband Jörg and the daughters Anna-Lena (14) and Sophie (11) so sad.


Helpless conventional medicine

The carousel of conventional medicine begins with interferon. The lesions triple. A second episode of paralysis on one side of the face and loss of sense of taste destroys a lot of hope. The young mother is at its lowest point: “I thought it was gone. But shit. I really have it. "

The family now lives in Australia. Despite MS, Tanja starts a new sport, running. She takes part in the Melbourne Marathon and with thousands of others in a charity run against MS. I am overwhelmed by how openly the disease is dealt with here, and how strong the support is for those affected. Dreams of "giving the MS a voice", also in German-speaking countries. Just a year later, the family returned to their Bavarian homeland.

The third attack damages eyesight. One drug follows the next in quick succession. The blood values ​​worsen. Nothing helps. The dreaded JC virus is detected. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) threatens to be life-threatening. Tanja stops everything, is considered to have been exhausted. “You are like a boat in the ocean, with no sails, no oars. I'm so sorry, ”her doctor regrets. Tanja is affected and relieved at the same time. Under the influence of chemistry, her own body had become alien to her.