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salmon pasta

21,897 reviews

The salmon noodles recipe goes perfectly with a fresh mixed salad.

green asparagus

12,182 reviews

This recipe shows how to prepare the classic green asparagus. Simple but tasty.

potato gratin

17,832 ratings

You can easily prepare a delicious potato gratin with the following recipe. You and your family are guaranteed to like the dish.

Broccoli potato casserole

10,718 ratings

A great broccoli potato casserole is healthy and tasty. With eggs and cream, this recipe becomes the main delight.

wild garlic soup

8,691 reviews

The wild garlic soup tastes fantastic. This recipe is a great, unusual soup variation.

Salt potatoes

8,771 ratings

The popular side dish to meat & Co. are delicious boiled potatoes. In this recipe, the potatoes are peeled beforehand and then boiled.

Light tomato soup

9,375 ratings

This light tomato soup tastes very delicious. Here is a quick recipe for a tasty soup.

Coconut and vegetable curry

8,280 ratings

In this hearty coconut and vegetable curry recipe, the spiciness of chilli combines with the mildness of coconut milk to create a real firework of flavors.

Apple Crumble

7,815 ratings

An apple crumble is similar to a crumble cake. The recipe is made with apples and a sugar-cinnamon mixture.

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Healthy recipes are important for the body, mind and soul. A better well-being and more productivity can be achieved if you focus on a light cuisine in your diet and focus on fewer fat and calories.