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EU reimport: buy a car at a bargain price?


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  1. Dear Sirs and Madames,

    I would like to buy a new car as a re-import (e.g. Audi, Skoda, Mercedes, VW). Can you give me a cheap and
    recommend a reputable importer? It is about VAT - discount, fees, commission and other expenses).

    Thank you and greetings


    • Hello dr Jan R.,

      unfortunately we cannot offer you any purchase advice here. It is best to ask a car dealer about reputable importers.

      The editors of

  2. Hi Guys,
    I have already bought 2 imported vehicles. That the vehicles are the same is probably not entirely true. I noticed that
    for a large part of the import or Re-import no underbody protection and cavity preservation is available. Likewise missing
    For example, the underrun protection for the engine compartment. Often enough there is also a lack of spare wheel, tool kit, etc. (German standard equipment).
    So please, first check everything properly, then comment.
    Have fun buying a car in the future.

  3. Moin, if I buy an EU vehicle from a dealer in D, there is a warranty guarantee included or it is no longer applicable (5 years for a new Hyundai vehicle, for example)
    Do I have to pay the VAT. pay in addition or is included in the final prices shown.
    MfG Boy

  4. Really now? How do you calculate in the first two paragraphs? The average salary may be correct, but that's not NET! Accordingly, the average German cannot save it either. The average income was / is around € 1,900. So if I don't have to pay for my life from this (very theoretically), then I have to save 16.5 months for a € 31,400 box ... in real terms, more than twice as much, i.e. approx.

  5. I intend to buy a 2019 used car (BMW) from a used car dealer. The dealer states that the car is a "German version". Does that mean that the car was not imported from abroad? Does the manufacturer's guarantee still count (here it should be until 2022) even though I want to buy the vehicle from a used car dealer?

  6. Hello, in my opinion, the average earnings that are repeatedly quoted are either braggers or members of the Bundestag who pay their salaries with someone who has to work (e.g.
    Nurses, scaffolders, locksmiths, kindergarten teachers, and and and…. mix and then come to these utopian monthly salaries of sometimes over 3000 € (and that should even be net) - so-in politics (if they let you) or save loooong for a vehicle. P.s. An e-vehicle should cost a maximum of € 10,000! What is it about the engine?