Why do couples choose Bali as their travel destination

Bali highlights - the best sights & spots

Bali highlights - We spent almost 3 months on the small Indonesian island of Bali and were on the move in a wide variety of areas. Bali is not just about chaotic Kuta, the island has a lot more to offer. If you are on holiday here, you should definitely travel around and explore many places. The island is so diverse and varied - it would be a shame if you only spend 14 days in one place.

You definitely shouldat least 14 days plan on. The way from Germany is quite a long way and 7 days are not really worth it. Bali is huge and there are hardly any expressways - it takes a long time to get from A to B. Since there is no real public transport on the island, you have to rely on a taxi, scooter or rental car.

The size of the island should not be underestimated, even if most holidaymakers often only stay in the south of the island. So that you can plan your trip better, we have put together our Bali highlights for you here. Let ‘inspire you and discover the best spots for your next vacation on the island of the gods.

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Beaches on the Bukit peninsula in the south

The Bukit peninsula is located in the south of the island, not far from the airport. This region is particularly popular with surfers, those looking for peace and quiet and backpackers. The rocky peninsula is home to some of the world's best surf spots - so it's no wonder that you meet real “surf stars” here every now and then. Balangan, Dreamland, Impossibles, Padang Padang, Ulu Watu or Jimbaran are just a few addresses.

The fishing village of Jimbaran

To the south of the airport is the former fishing village of Jimbaran. Here you will find mid-range and luxury facilities, which are particularly popular with couples and families (including honeymoons). The 4 kilometer long beach falls flat into the water and is protected by the Bay of Jimbaran, there are no dangerous currents here. The Jimbaran region is ideal for swimming and sunbathing and the beautiful sunsets are a real highlight.

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The oldest fishing village in Bali also impresses with its colorful market, fresh fish and the usual smaller shops. Those looking for action can try canoeing, kayaking or catamaran trips, or go jogging, take walks or try out windsurfing.

Tip: Jimbaran fish market takes place every day. The busiest time is between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Overnight at the 4 * Abi Bali Resort and Villa between30 – 40€ the night including breakfast.

Surfers Paradise Uluwatu

Do you fancy first-class waves, a cool lifestyle, cosiness and cool people? Then you are in the right place in the region around Ulu Watu. It takes just under 30-45 minutes to the south of the peninsula. For surfers it is absolute paradise, no wonder that they come from all over the world to ride one of the waves here. You will also find great beaches here, much nicer than the 0815 beaches in Kuta and Co.

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But be careful: not all are suitable for bathing and swimming, as some places are very stony and rocky. This is mainly about surfing and relaxing. There you will also find cool surf shops, cafes, restaurants and accommodations with a great view over the sea.

Tip: Visit Uluwatu Temple at sunrise or sunset. The view over the sea is breathtaking. There are also dance performances here in the evening.Attention: Monkey alert! Take care of your things!

Overnight at Tregge Surf Camp Uluwatu. Often just € 12 for a twin room!

Bali Highlights - The beaches on the Bukit Peninsula

  1. Jimbaran Beach: little currents, well suited for swimming
  2. Bingin: relatively difficult to get to, very hidden, beautiful, great views, quite rocky
  3. Balangan Beach: very hidden but very cool, very rocky, cool bars and restaurants
  4. Dreamland: very nice beach, good for swimming, but now very touristy
  5. Impossibles Beach: this is where the surfers really want to know - great surf breaks
  6. Padang Padang Beach: beautiful beach, small bay, great water, popular with holidaymakers and locals, good surf spot
  7. Ulu Watu: top spot for surfing, less suitable for swimming, very rocky with cliffs, but still beautiful

Here you will also find numerous cool and affordable accommodations. You can also find great deals on Airbnb. If you have a scooter on site, you can easily explore the peninsula.

The most beautiful beaches in the south of Bali

Nusa Dua

Do you want more luxury or just a relaxing vacation with the family or a honeymoon? Nusa Dua is probably a good address. Here you will mainly find luxury hotels, restaurants and spas. It is definitely more expensive here than in other parts of the island. Luxury, security and tranquility are the 3 most important keywords here. The beaches are beautiful, and you will also find a place to play golf there.

tip: Museum Pasifika, one of the best (art) museums on the island!

Overnight at The Grand Bali Nusa Dua (4 out of 5 points on TripAdvisor). Almost € 67 for a deluxe double room!

The spiritual and cultural center of Ubud

Ubud - what a beautiful place! If you don't come here, you've really missed something. Ubud is the spiritual part in the middle of rice fields, temples and monkeys. Of course it is very touristy there, but it is definitely worth a visit. There is a lot to discover here in the cultural center of Bali. We especially like the flair and the charm - we recommend an accommodation a little outside the center.

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In the middle of the rice fields you can really switch off. Since it is often really hot, an accommodation with a pool is recommended, as Ubud is not by the sea. Definitely do: Sunrise tour to Mount Batur (volcano), traditional dance performance, monkey forest, temple complexes and explore rice fields in the area! Be sure to rent a scooter and jet through the area on your own.

Our recommendation for the night: The Sowan Ubud between20 – 30€ the night including breakfast.

Surfer lifestyle in Canggu

Do you feel like going easy, surfing, hanging out, delicious food, nightlife, a good location, lifestyle and other globetrotters? Then off with you to Canggu. Lots of surfers, expats, young families, cool skaters, digital nomads and yoga freaks cavort here. It's not originally here - it's rather western with lots of vintage, retro and surfer looks.

The beaches are visually not great, but they are good for swimming when the water and the waves are not super wild. Here you will find many delicious cafes, restaurants and good massage salons. Canggu is like a small village - colorful, wild and kind of cool. Here you can feel this casual surfer lifestyle on every corner!

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Most of them live here in some super cool villa or in other co-spaces. Life is really great here - supermarkets, petrol stations, shops and the like can be found in the immediate vicinity.

Tip:Breakfast in the Canteen - for us one of the best cafés / restaurants in Bali. Super tasty and cool atmosphere! Co-working in the dojo, in the evening most of the people meet at Old Man’s, there is a great massage in the Casa Home Spa.

Be sure to take a look at Airbnb, there are many great villas with pools, etc. Otherwise, you will find everything here, from luxury accommodation to simple homestays and hostels. Canggu is definitely a place to stay longer.

Living in hip Seminyak

Seminyak is north of Legian and Kuta - a total of around 20 minutes by car from Denpasar. The place is also very touristy, but very hip and trendy. The good thing is that you don't have to drive long to get to the beach. You will also find a number of food stalls, supermarkets, shops, shopping miles, a wide variety of restaurants and cool cafes here. We were in the area for almost two weeks and we really liked it.

You can find really great accommodations here at a low price. The beach is sandy and the water is quite clear. We were at Double Six Beach most of the time, because surfing is very good here (especially beginners). In the evening, most of them cavort in one of the many cool beach bars. Don't forget your camera, the sunsets are very beautiful here too. If you still haven't had enough, you will find many clubs and discos here, just like in Kuta and Legian.

Tip:Surfing at Double Six Beach especially for beginners! But check the times for ebb and flow beforehand.

Our recommendation for the night: We stayed at The Green Zurgha Suites and it was absolutely great. A small pool, great and large rooms and a perfect location to Double Six Beach and also to Canggu. Between25 – 30€ the night.

On a liveaboard safari in Amed

Do you want to get out and leave all the hustle and bustle behind you? Here in the northeast of Bali you can take it easy and relaxed. The small fishing village has kilometers of coastline. However, you won't find white sandy beaches here - the coast is rocky and mostly lined with dark stone and sand.

The place is particularly popular with divers and snorkelers. Little traffic, good accommodation, restaurants and the sea - the best ingredients for a relaxing holiday.

Tip: Amed is world class for diving. Here you will find many diving schools with low prices (PADI certified). Amed Scuba diving center (diving tours in Amed).

Overnight stays in the Bali Sari Homestay from € 14 per night in a double room or in the 4 * Jukung Dive Resort Bali from € 22 per night.

Dolphin watching in Lovina

Lovina is popular with vacationers and divers as it has an excellent reef. This reef can be easily reached from the beach. But you can also watch dolphins here - what a highlight! Otherwise you won't find any dream beaches here either (dark volcanic rock), but the atmosphere is very relaxed and relaxing.

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The beach section is almost 12 kilometers long, and there are many restaurants and bars here. Especially in the evening you can enjoy the time here and watch the beautiful sunsets. Lovina includes the villages of Banyualit, Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Kaliasem, Temukus, Anturan and Kalibukbuk, with the latter being the busiest.

Tip: Highlights include: Sing Sing waterfalls, Banjar Hot Springs, Brahma Vihara Arama monastery and dolphin tours!

Overnight stay in Balinda Rooms & Villas for 19 € with breakfast. Or in Keyani's bungalow for just under € 29 with breakfast.

Relaxed atmosphere in Sanur

Are you looking for more peace and quiet than in Kuta and the neighboring towns? Then take a look at Sanur. Here you will find a great atmosphere with the Balinese identity despite tourism. The streets are lively and not everything has been rebuilt by tourism.

If you're lucky, you'll stumble into a cockfight in the next alley. At Sanur Beach you will find a long beach promenade with many restaurants. Especially for couples and families, Sanur is a good start to a Bali holiday - in Sanur you can find pure relaxation.

Tip: From here by boat over to the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan (our travel report about Nusa Lembongan).

Overnight stay: You can get very good homestays for € 10-15. If you want to / can spend a little more money, then you should check out the 4 * Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites. Prices: from 50 € the night.

Island feeling around Bali

Do you not only want to explore Bali, but also some of the other islands? The transfer is actually quite easy and so you can easily spend 2-3 days (or more) on another island. In the following we briefly introduce you to the most popular destinations outside of Bali.

Paradise in the Gili Islands

How about a trip to the Gili Islands now? These actually belong to Lombok, but can be reached by speedboat from Bali. Here you can expect super beautiful, white sandy beaches, diving and snorkeling areas, a relaxed island feeling, nice people and here and there cool parties. The archipelago consists of 3 islands: Gili Trawangan (party island), Gili Meno (peace and quiet and beautiful beaches) and Gili Air (suitable for honeymoons).

Tip: Traffic, scooters, cars, noise? Nothing. You won't find anything like that here on the Gilis. The underwater world is a dream, be sure to grab some snorkeling goggles and dive in yourself.

Accommodation: On the 3 islands you can find everything from hostels, bungalows, homestays to top hotels. Make sure to check out Airbnb there too - maybe you can find something cool there. Prices start from just under 10 euros to very expensive. You can find accommodations on Booking.com, here you will find really nice facilities.

The inconspicuous pearl Nusa Lembongan

The small neighboring island of Bali has a lot to offer and is definitely worth it. When you arrive here, you will be immediately surprised by white sandy beaches, turquoise-blue water and an absolute holiday feeling. The island can be easily circumnavigated and explored by scooter.

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Next door is the small island of Nusa Ceningan, which can be reached via a bridge. The infrastructure is quite simple but sufficient - life here is a bit more pristine. We spent 3 days here and had a super nice time on the island - absolute recommendation from us!

Tip: Go snorkeling in the north in the mangrove area (Nano Nano Restaurant rents out snorkel sets for just under 2 euros). Excursion to Dream Beach with white sand and green palm trees.

Homestays: On the small island you will find a variety of super cheap and good homestays. We can do the Nyomans GuestHouse recommend. Here you get a nice bungalow with a bed, lockable closet, air conditioning and an open bathroom. The bathroom has no roof so you can see the starry sky while brushing your teeth. Per night between 15-17 euros with breakfast.

A real gem - Nusa Penida

Breathe even more island air and see great landscapes at the same time? Then off to Nusa Penida. Around the island of Nusa Penida are some of the most spectacular dive sites in Bali. Encounters with manta rays cannot be ruled out! Next to Lembongan and Ceningan, Nusa Penida is the largest island and impresses above all with its beautiful coastal landscape with steep cliffs and rocks and the beautiful blue sea.

Tip: Snorkel trip in Crystal Bay, the Goa Giri Putri Cave, explore the highest point on the island "Puncak Mundi" and the Tembeling Forest.

Where to sleep? Here you will find many cheap homestays and simple accommodations, such as the cool Full Moon Bungalows from 16 € per night or the Coco Resort Penida from 60 € per night.

Adventure in Lombok

To the east of Bali is the inconspicuous island of Lombok. Millions of tourists are drawn to Bali every year, while many places on Lombok are still almost untouched. You can find some of them herelonely dream beaches, always friendly people,delicious meal and aunique nature.Here the water world is still intact, it is calm and somehow original.

But do you want to be more secluded? Then off to the south of the island.Sekotong Bay isTHE new hotspot for divers with the islands of Nanggu, Gede, Poh and Kedis. Mawi, Tanjung Aan and Gerupuk are “still” insider tips. The most beautiful beach, but also the hardest to reach because of the bad road, is Pink Beach near Tanjung Ringgit on the Pemonkong Peninsula in southeast Lombok.

Fragments of red coral make the sand shimmer pink. The second highest volcano Indonesia (3726 meters - Rinjani) is quite challenging but it's worth it! Once at the top you have a view of the endless expanse, over the island and the sea to Bali.