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Trips abroad Covid-19 travel warning: Not all health insurance offers protection

Insurance benefits depend on political orders

The all-clear in the case of Croatia. The Federal Foreign Office does not warn against travel within the EU. There is also no official travel warning for a handful of other countries such as Iceland, Switzerland or Great Britain. For all other destinations, however, it does. Until August 31st.

However, the situation in the supposedly safe countries can change again quickly. Petra Dienst from the comparison portal has this to consider. If you book a trip to a country today for which there is no travel warning, it might be different two weeks later. That changes all the time, so Dienst.

If the travel warning was not issued because of armed conflict, the insurance cover usually still applies. For the providers represented by the comparison portal, Petra Dienst estimates the proportion at 80 percent. But even if the insurance cover applies, one should always be aware of the fact that "there are limits to the insurer when there are high-level decisions," says Petra Dienst.

For example, if the insurer would order a return transport to the home country - but the state government said there was an absolute flight ban. Then of course the insurer's hands would also be tied, said Petra Dienst.

Abroad, higher costs may apply

The advice from statutory health insurances also goes in this direction. A spokesman for the Knappschaft reminds that the health systems in countries where Corona is raging are quickly reaching their limits. Then the insurance companies would not be able to do anything to help insured persons who are sick abroad. Theoretically, statutory insurances also apply in the EU and in countries with which Germany has insurance agreements.

However, a foreign health insurance is still useful, says Madlen Müller from the consumer center in Saxony: "Because the costs are covered that would also arise with us, but if these are higher abroad, then you may be left with the costs . "

Change of provider for protection under Covid-19 travel warning

According to the Association of Private Health Insurance, around every third German has additional health insurance abroad. Most pay an annual policy. According to the comparison portal, these are available for around ten euros a year. And what if this - my - supplementary insurance doesn't pay for it if I get infected with a Covid 19 travel warning in a country? According to Petra Dienst, there are two options: "Either you take out a new policy or you can of course insure each trip individually to the day."

A corona effect that Petra Dienst has observed at this point: Many loyal customers have just canceled their usual international health insurance and switched providers. Why? Because the insurance does not offer any protection in countries with a Covid-19 travel warning.